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I cringe from time to time admitting I like the songs from the Snoopy musical.

In general, I'm not a musical person; I think Sondheim's Sweeney Todd has a lot of bits I like, and my brother taught me to get into Chess (even though I never saw the production), but I grew up thinking a lot of musicals are relatively cheesy (though I also admit that I wrote the script to a concept musical where all I played was Barenaked Ladies songs since I felt it was really easy to build around). The thing is that if someone found those on my playlist, I don't think people would bat an eye as much if they didn't know me.

But yeah, a musical? And The Snoopy musical at that? Whenever it hits my playlist on the street, I fidget uncomfortably in case someone else can hear it.

And then I eat it all up. "The Vigil" is probably what carries the soundtrack for me.

I may be a sucker for the orchestral background too with that horn backing the vocals. The voice of Lucy barely holding her laughter in the delivery is a nice touch too.

And by the way, it's pumpkin!

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Anything by the Bee Gees.

I won't even dignify this with a video since it would include linking it and that involves having to listen to some of it just to get the embed code. Instead, enjoy this cover.

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Now technically I have quite a few favorite bands and I already shown my hand when I mentioned Midnight Oil and Pell Mell.

Since this is a good opportunity to show off another band I like, I should throw in Superchunk. Although more known for being two halves of the founders behind Merge Record label (you might recognize the name for Arcade Fire), they were also responsible for really pushing me into the harder sounds of my late 20s to early 30s into music before I tried to catch things live.

This is more of a b-side, but there was one day at AMNH when this song basically stayed in my head and kept the momentum of my rhythm the entire day. It was annoying, sure, but at the same time it's like that one thing I won't forget.

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I tend to find that any album you listen to on loop will make you fall asleep no matter how loud it is.

Though admittedly, but back when I kept a walkman on me all the time, I kept a tape of Sting's Dream of The Blue Turtles as a panacea when I needed to calm down, so I guess I'll count that?

This is one of the more calmer songs, and always a fun listen to because of it being inspired by Anne Rice. When goth was in, this was my alt-vamp.

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I've been working on these here and there. And now I'm trying to get back into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided again. It can be a slow as hell game, but now that I'm back in it, I'm finding all these things I missed the first time around. Regardless, we've traveled a bit and I've taken some photos. While I don't have the same range of interesting photos as I would during the winter when I'm forcing Michelle to take me to ice-kissed wastelands, I do find a few interesting bits here and there.

So many photos under this cut. Okay, maybe not A LOT, but quite a few. ) I have a couple more shots in raw that I haven't pushed through postprod. Lot more stuff like this, to be honest. Maybe I'll look through it between gaming tomorrow? WE SHALL SEE!
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It's hard not to dance to anything associated with The Pet Shop Boys.

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Okay, avoiding the easy responses with instrumentals, I think my brain has holes for a lot of the songs I love, which is weird. I tried writing out the lyrics to a bunch of songs and realized I have holes in my memories for a lot of them. The one that got me closest is a song that I often relate with Donald Trump.

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Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain event

One of the first bands I ever got really familiar with out of random chance was back when I was covering this show where I met this unassuming guy between sets. He mentioned he had a show playing in Otto's Shrunken Head" later that day. I was a shooter working under CMJ at the time and I had spare time, so I figured, what the hell, and went over to the very definition of dive bar.

Back room, leaky roof, only one other person next to me and he was older and very stern looking. Another was probably working for the bar and was covering the roof in garbage bags and duct tape to hold in the moisture.

You know that scene in Scott Pilgrim when Knives seems utterly bored until she hears them play? It was one of those moments for me.

I've known Miniboone for most of their 7 year career and found it to be a fantastic stepping stone towards becoming a better photographer that was willing to go from wallflower to genuine front-line music photographer. Likewise, they've been relatively decent with me.

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Day 06 - A song that reminds of you of somewhere

When I covered my second CMJ show, there was a showcase for Boston artists and headlining was this group called "The Field Effect." They premiered to me a power pop sound that I would often associate with the indy sound in the Boston area from emigrant musicians.

I also ended up being really friendly with them. One of my photos is supposedly in their debut album (I tend to only get the digital versions).

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Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone

Ricky Martin is associated with someone else I know, but this particular song has to do with a dessert dish that the long-gone "Chi-Chi's" once sold called "The Banana Loca." Whenever one of my friends sang it, it pissed off another friend of mine.

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Day 04 - A song that makes you sad

I used to whine to myself in my 20s and keep this on loop as a single guy who barely had a penny to rub together. There were others, and Level 42 included a lot of them, but this one was peak.

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Day 03 - A song that makes you happy

This kind of works with Day 1 a little too well since both songs do their job really well at lifting my moods. But that would be cheating wouldn't it? Plus, I think I already linked both.

Well there's a lot of songs that make me feel good, but a lot of them are damnright depressing, so something that actually makes me happy and is relatively happy as well? That's a tough one.

I was tempted to "cheat" my way out of this and choose a German song, but then I remembered there's some really inspiring songs that rally my morale without offering a gallows feel to it.

The first time I heard this was on a plane right as it was about to take off. When you put it on while you're taking part of a new experience, something fresh, it lights something in me and makes me feel ready for anything.

...I really spent way too much time on this thing.

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Day 02 - Your least favorite song

I can give you a least favorite for every decade! But all time? Which one will make me actually clear a room?

This one is so annoying that it makes me want to kick stuff. That chorus line is the epitome of whiny.

I'd also throw in anything from the Bee Gees, but that's basically EVERYTHING.

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Now I'm thinking of using the month to write out this really extensive D&D campaign I never got to finish, that most of my notes were lost from so I would essentially be starting from scratch beyond whatever's left in my head. I used to enjoy writing fiction and I would like to write up a decent map, but in the end I figure I might as well try again.

I think the one thing that really gets to me is writing out stat numbers which always bogs me down. I figure if I am going to do this, maybe I'll just write out the campaign instead and then fill in the rest along the way.

If anyone knows a decent graphics template to draw rooms off of, I would appreciate knowing!
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I stole it from [personal profile] finding_tobias because I feel like I need an excuse to keep writing here and I want an excuse to look through my old music. So thanks [personal profile] finding_tobias!

Day 01 - Your favorite song

Tough call because there's two that are evergreen for me: Pell Mell has this great song called American Eagle, which is like the perfect soundtrack to a modern-day Western. But today I think I'm leaning towards Midnight Oil and this really thoughtful piece of their past.

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"I got your invoices."
"Great, yeah it should be 100."
"It looks like 105."
"Oh, sorry, I didn't count that."
"I'm writing you a check for 207.85."
"Wait, what's the rest of the payment for?"
"I have an invoice from Apple."
"What is it for?"
"No, what is the description for the invoice?"
"It says Pandora."
"Could you send me an image of this?"
"I'll send you an email."

The email never came. I gave him three different email addresses to try instead. The email still never came.

"Okay, I'll send you a photo of the email."

The email in question:

"Dad, did you see the email address it came from?"
"Dad, Plymouth.edu is a university. Apple would be from Apple.com."
"Okay, now I know but I still cut you the check for 207.85."
"Okay, just remove it from my next paycheck."


Sep. 18th, 2017 05:59 pm
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The sky was rosy, calm, thoughtful. The colony of 8 bean plants, now almost a hedge of greenery, limped from the weight while another column rested on its side, defeated by gravity and lashings that time and erosion that deteriorated once-white cord that would have otherwise found a better home wrapped around a roast or hanging a cluster of drying foods.

I had to be quick. The mosquitoes would come when the weather was in transition. They would come with relentlessness and they had squatted all over my fields to feast on pollen and commit their orgies all over it between the raptures of japanese beetles and the daddy long-legs and the spiders that hid between it all.


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Punctures in my fingers from shelling the meat out of half a dozen blue crabs. I couldn't get all of it, but enough to make me satisfied with the results. TBH, I was doing it all by hand. I can do it, it's not hard, but then I forgot that soft, tan skin, no matter how leathery it may seem, can be readily defeated by hardened chitinous spikes. At least the Old Bay seasoning cauterized the wounds.

I spent the night telling Michelle to "eat my tasty blood!" and feeding her my digits as she tried to sleep. I'm a terrible fiancee.

I swear I can still smell the sea on my fingers.

I've been taking things slower now. Mostly because the allergies are still killing me.

Oh! Michelle made her LEGO set to celebrate the new glass display; it's really small but so many intricate parts.

I also heard LEGO's finally hitting a downturn in profit and I can't be surprised since their creep has been really aggressive and the idea of people buying these as an investment just struck me as fifty degrees of wrong. I wouldn't mind if they tone down on the ambitions, get a little more conservative with their set prices, etc.

Canning tomorrow! The beans out there are so nice and big. I can't emphasize how much I'm looking forward to it.

I'm also looking forward to getting some fresh apple cider. I baked a pound cake of mushy pear and peaches in the new Pyrex loaf form and it was late so I tried to see if I could get the oven's residual heat to cook it through as I turned it off. Nope, it wasn't enough; it was gummy, although at least that's better than dry imo.

A couple more minutes until Friday's done with. More work being a pain in the butt from one of the outsourcers we deal with.

Oh, and Michelle's hitting the electrolysis and we're getting an oil change. Adult stuff!

The Beans

Sep. 14th, 2017 01:51 pm
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-are ungotten.

To be continued on Saturday.


Sep. 11th, 2017 11:32 am
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I've not been keeping up! Terrible of me, I know, I'm sorry for neglecting all this.

The world landscape aside, I've been busy; parents visited during labor day and then I spent the weekend resting. Work has been slowing down, thankfully, and I feel like things are finally starting to get normal again.

I need to get back into working on my dad's site since I received the OK from him although I feel like things are slowing down again, sigh. I'm wondering if he's hitting fatigue.

Last Last Weekend
They visited like two weekends ago and I think they were concerned about what to expect. They planned to sleep here and even brought sleeping bags. They didn't know that we have a pull out king bed and a fairly well-furnished apartment and a fridge full of things I buy on sale 90% of the time. I picked up one details for certain things that my dad wanted done and I need to invoice him on some of the costs later in the month once I finish the images and apply the website to his domain.

This weekend
This weekend, we visited my parents' for a party that I think was to double as a birthday party for Michelle's mother. Well let me tell you: her parents? They really PARTY. It went on until 3am, just loud singing and shouting. One of the kids threw a toilet paper roll and blocked up the sewage line in the process. The kids there were untamed; one of them kept trying to punch people, and another was just vindictive as hell. The vindictive one has parents that are loudmouthed (dad's a Newark cop), and the other one had parents that had that "my kids can do no wrong" attitude. I warned Michelle that they represent everything that I'm afraid of if we have kids.

I felt like I should bring something, so I made a marinade of Korean barbecue and Michelle's mom didn't even get a chance to have any. I was happy to know that people liked it, but didn't expect it to be such a hit! TBF, I did get to grill it there so that might have helped too. The family from Delaware brought some crabs and Michelle's brother the chef brought gluten-free pasta salad (I think it's a crappy diet but it was a tasty salad). At one point, I just decided to go hang out away from everyone else at a certain point as I started to fall asleep and people just wouldn't leave.

We left on Sunday morning with another cooler full of food ("we have so much food at home already!" Michelle pleaded to them) and we took a trip up that was relatively uneventful. We passed up Lake George and took a stop there; apparently all the outlets have everything on sale and I ended up nabbing a nice set of Pyrex bakeware that we don't need but I couldn't resist for six bucks apiece.

Then it was to LL Bean and we got used clothes, blessed used clothes.

Back home and apparently everything on TV is coming back. We caught back on a bit of the mid-season of Walking Dead (we took a break from it for awhile and it's nice to be able to binge through now).

If I didn't emphasize it before, I'll do it again: I need to harvest some beans.

Now that everything's quiet, I'll try to keep up with everyone again. Sorry for that folks!
Today I need to get the beans.
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