May. 17th, 2017

zesty_pinto: (Meso)
I tip my hat to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for offering some awesome advice on gardening. Thanks to this, I got a second wind and after another 7pm workday, we ended up going back to the field and I started doing more weeding, clearing out more weeds that are starting to get bigger, clearing the second plot, and planting a new batch of beans. The old batch are still there, but the leaves are brown and wilted away, so I can't belp but think that they're on their last legs anyway.

I pulled a few orphan onions as well and realized how insanely prolific they are. Separating the batches and then replanted them into the new lot. There's a lot more back there, way more than one plot can redistro, so I don't know what the best course of option here is. Maybe I should renovate one of the older plots and distro them that way? Some of the green onions back there are fat and look like something you'd expect out of a grocers, but the rest tend to carpet their area. I'll need to research this some more.

I replanted the tomato cages as well, along with one of the orphan cages in the middle to act as an in-between on the row. I forgot to bring the twine with me and it was getting dark, so I'll try to build a net tomorrow between the cages for the beans to grow on. I also should probably look into getting compost bags and straw so we can separate everything properly. Cleared a few more plastic bits as well, and I think I should weed around the fence more than ever.

They want to celebrate Michelle's birthday, so I experimented with the noodles to serve the team. Sadly, we had so much food for the past couple of days that I ended up throwing away half of what's left due to mold, but what I could salvage was more than enough. Boiled out a batch, replaced the water, boiled out a bit more for the sake of spores.

Flavor base this time is a curry. Jury-rigged the flavor with slivered ginger, a whole onion, flour, garlic powder, then cumin, coriander, turmeric, cayenne in varying proportions until I could get the flavor to stick. I wanted to use an umami push to help substantiate it but couldn't resort to animal products (since I'm aware this is also going to feed a vegetarian) and resorted to parmesan, which isn't as potent as miso or oyster sauce, but works with the cream that I put this all together under which I also added dill to. Since I'm aware that this should actually be yogurt, so I also brought a jar of the freshly pickled fiddleheads, which is acidic and earthy enough to lend a lemony flavor to the mix.

I still have yet to master the use of cardamom, and I worry about using cinnamon since both are such strong flavors compared to the others. If I could get the umami flavor even stronger, then I would probably risk it. Maybe I should have used anise? Adding that to my spice list, I need to stock up on a ton of things anyway.

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