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2017-05-16 10:46 am

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"Thanks xxx, we shall await their verdict."
"it would not pass. Thank you for your vigilance."

Email communication from me is a little more florid than I would like. I blame exhaustion and you people.

Curse you all!

Okay, seriously, it's cool.

Today's podcast rotation is catching up on "Hello from The Magic Tavern." Matt Young's voice always cracks me up.

So this weekend! )

We did some hoe work once we got back and brought back all the stuff. Pulled some weeds, cleaned out plastic planters and debris from so many past gardeners, tore off a few more edges from my fingernails in the process, etcetera. Interesting fact: this gardening area has been abandoned for awhile now, and as a result, we found a ton of old tomato cages lying around. We took a few for ourself, put a couple more aside, and noted how there are colonies of ancient green onion plants that have settled in nicely along there along with strawberry plants that have gone feral.

Despite the frost killing so much, some of the plants are surviving, although I'm seeing root rot now. Ugh. I was warned by the condo board that they're planning on tilling the field as they rezone the whole thing, but I can tell the weather's finally fair enough to plant outside: that's why I'm going to try again soon. Plus, a good number of bean sprouts just exploded while we were out. Insane, I know. Though, now I'm second guessing it since they tend to be a warmer weather crop and the moderate climate range is still around the 60s. Maybe I can plant the mint outside?

Any advice for 60 degree average climate weather plantings? The farms around here started fertilizing this weekend, so I think it's a good time to start, but I was curious if I should wait on the beans and try squash instead.

I didn't follow most of what's going on in the news, but what I did catch just makes me feel like someone is trying to make "Duck Soup" into a real life art project these days. It's going to be fun finding what I missed while I was away. Sigh.