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It's almost a week past deadline and I'm still mired in crap thanks to my accounts. To top it off, checking on the beans got me slapping into a giant stalk of ragweed, covering me with the crap.

Been having sleep issues as well, just can't get myself to sleep properly. I've been telling Michelle about this and she doesn't know what to do. I'm wondering if it's because I haven't had much opportunity to be really active these days.

I had my first ever visit to a dentist. Like, ever. Teeth cleaning was interesting, it felt like someone trying to see if they could pull my teeth for an hour, where I clenched the arms of the chair at points as though I was training myself for torture. To be fair on them, they asked if I wanted someone for the pain and I declined anyway, but it may have also encouraged me to feel terrible like I do now, as I've had endless coughing, sneezing, and sniffling fits throughout the day. Today the pain is gone, but I do still feel a bit off. Michelle told me that kissing me felt odd since I smell like a dentist office, so it just goes to show you the world of difference so far. On the bright side, my teeth feel so porous now. I'm not used to how they no longer feel so smooth.

With Game of Thrones over, I watched The Tick. So damn short! I really wanted more. Although it felt slow at times trying to find the hero's journey with Arthur, it did begin showing a lot of the absurdist humor of the franchise the deeper you got into it. I was hoping one of the characters from the comic who was deemed too violent for the Disney-bought version would make a comeback, but I understand it's still too early. I know people love Warburton's Tick, and this one is more of an Adam West-styled eternally optimistic goof.

I looked it over further and this is actually half of the first season (thank god!) although it'll be a couple of months before I see the second part. I so can't wait!

Despite my deteriorating health, it's still podcast time tonight. I'll see how far I can go despite feeling like crap, but we shall see.

Now that work isn't keeping on my butt all day 24/7, I'll see if I can keep up with your content again. Sorry folks, I really, really, REALLY, hated these past few weeks.

Almost forgot
I spent the weekend looking after a cat that never wanted to see me. Covering my face with my shirt like an antifa, I went treasure hunting every evening as Michelle replaced the food. I think we feed the cat more than the person who normally keeps her as the poops and clumps of wet earth seemed to get more plentiful as the days passed. At least we know the cat wasn't killed by us?

Date: 2017-08-31 01:11 am (UTC)
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When I was younger I enjoyed go1ing to the dentist. Now that I'm older not so much. Hope you feel better soon

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