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So people are airing their 9/11 memories on Facebook. I dunno, I thought about posting it there, but it felt too personal at times for me. I did post something on G+, but I kept it brief: you won't really understand unless you think about it, knew a little of the lingo there.

I'm glad people are more willing to talk about 9/11 than ever before. And not in the way where they're vigorously waving plastic flags and buying handguns to defend themselves against brown people like so many years ago. I'm glad people are talking about it and remembering the incident as a day people died, and a day when they see the people as people and not as speech material.

I never wanted to talk about 9/11 because of that. It made me feel dirty, thinking about how all those people died in a war they never wanted to be part of, but now used to start a new war: gravedigging for votes, people finding excuses to embrace xenophobia, self-preservation at its most hedonistic roots. As most of you know, I'm Asian, but I'm also very Westernized, so I'm all for equal rights regardless of ethnicity or gender, so seeing the things that 9/11 inspired to the wrong people ticked me off to no end.

With Bin-Laden gone, and with the politicians too busy embracing left or right wings now, I feel like more people are dropping the flags and getting personal, retrospective; I feel like the dead can finally rest in peace, thankfully. So now I feel like I can talk about it more comfortably, without the knowledge that people will abuse the innocent lives lost. Yes, Homeland Security still exists, and Penn Station still resembles a scene from the Cold War, but now the excuse of 9/11 has begun to settle down, give or take a Sikh-shooting moron.

So I guess... here goes my own experiences. Did I ever tell you that I worked in the World Trade Center? )

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