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no caffeine. Phone app no work. Sadness. Eternal sadness of the Mondays.

It's 3pm?

Momentary sadness of the Mondays.

Accounting for past sins in terms of how I mishandled my accounts, but I was encouraged about how I'm running the account decently enough. I actually proposed an email to our client that didn't require editing, so that alone is a boon!

I ordered some as thanks to the person who has been mentoring me and it went to the wrong address. She's thankful I sent them, and she went far enough to visit the address to see if they're there. Huh.

She said it wasn't necessary, but I reordered a new batch for her. If she gets them, then she will have double the pretz. I'll live with the sin of spoiling.

Not mine, someone here has a birthday in my team. Thinking it's going to be protein bowls tomorrow. That's the problem though, it's for tomorrow. Good thing I have mason jars, I'm going to need to set them up to cook a bunch of bibimbap ingredients, then a bunch of eggs, then beef, then tofu, then some quick kimchi, then I get to pretend I'm a good person for doing all this.

Did I mention that I punched a hole in the wall?

Did I mention that it was for a replacement for the phone box?

Did I also mention that the wiring is giving me problems?

How about that I had to unscrew the damn thing and expand the hole so that it can all fit without letting the wires interfere with each other?

My vacuum is full of drywall, but I think it fits now and the connection has been giving us errors, but it seems to be more associated with things like power outages and Game of Thrones, so I think we're good.

We got cabinet handles to install to the plastic rail. Looks like Don's gonna be a-drilling some holes with his dremel!

Those will likely be on delay, because my card reader is busted or my USB front case is failing on me. My case has a reader too, but for some reason it's not operating properly. I may need to dig into the innards and try to tweak the parts around again. I can say that I have yet to find a BSOD once I cleaned the memory slots, so at least that's no longer an issue. I may need to devote a day just to checking and cleaning and restoring function to some of the parts of my case.

I am seeing the beans grow out and vine and they're climbing. They are actually climbing in leaps and bounds! Oh my god, it is fantastic!!

I also have a bean indoors! A window bean!! I'm a proud parent! A proud, somewhat cannibalistic parent!! I'll have a photo of it, it's a somewhat sickly looking thing, but just seeing me get away with it is what surprises me the most. Hopefully, it'll grow into a single, sexy twelve inch long bean (#nobeanmo)

The squash in the patio seems to be growing, at least one of them is. Just planted two more seeds in that planter to see what happens.

Another squash was planted in the garden as well, and it looks like it's going decently enough. We'll see, I think the indoor growing made some of these plants really frail, so I'm very skeptical, but again, we'll see.

So this weekend, we visited Shelburne Farms! I took photos! Michelle took mosquito bites! I PETTED CHICKENS!!! I will share this travail once the photos are working properly.

As I mentioned before, Game of Thrones. Yes, I watched it. Yes, I enjoyed it. It's been a long time for me, I honestly forgot what Dragonstone was until she got there and then I was like, "Oh yeah... *that* place!"

Did that spoil too much? Hopefully not. Either way, I know the first episodes are more or less to establish what's going on before they actually push, so I think I'll look forward to next week, when we are treated to Peter Dinklage actually opening his mouth and saying something this time.

We started getting into American Gods. Cinematography-wise, it's a beautiful show. Most of the time, I have no idea what is going on. I mean, I have a gist, but I can't see the grand scheme of it all. To be fair, I'm only three episodes in, but I can see and I think the concept of the mythos that it's pushing out expresses itself decently enough. There's a lot of references to mythology that I would google just to see what they reference and then I'd be like, "this doesn't explain much" and then it would be reference to something else in the show and I'd keep googling. It is its own thing, I guess, and I will keep at it, but I have to admit that it would be nice to know what I'm watching once we get later in.

Also, that opening? It's one sexy art piece that was made for this show.

Finally, got to add: Gillian Anderson can do a fantastic Lucille Ball. Like I didn't even realize it was her until I kept noticing "Guest Actor - Gillian Anderson" in the credit. I'm still trying to identify some of the old gods in the series too, while some like the jinn are obvious, others like the Irishman are too obscure for me.

Michelle got that LEGO game for Switch and she tried out the Splatoon 2 beta release. I think she has a poor reaction/compensation time when it comes to games, but despite that I think she was starting to really get into it and was picking up some tactics aside from charging. Good for her! I still suck at it, though tbf, I think the controls need better tweaking, otherwise I could probably do decently as a sniper build in that game. Michelle keeps offering to get more controllers, but I'm okay with doing nothing.

Yes, of course I pick up comics.

Just want to point out that Marvano's version of The Forever War was back in release. I found it amazing because I grew up wanting to get the whole collection, but the second and third parts of the trilogy were really freaking rare to find. Don't believe me? Look up eBay: the second and third parts usually sell for 100 or more.

Now that I found out Titan reprinted them, I can get a second chance! I'll look forward to getting a new version, maybe get to keep my third copy in better condition now, too.

Reading this entry back made me realize I've been relatively busy this weekend, huh. Well good!
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So much caffeine. I drank a can of Pepsi aaand caffeine WOOOO! WOOO! I haven't had this much caffeine in awhile! I should check if I did this or maybe if I work on this first oh wait, I already did those so I better go back to checking other things WOOOOOOOOOOO CAFFEINE!!!

^My head right now. Seriously, not used to this much caffeine in one sitting and it's a can so I can't parcel it out like I can with a bottle, bah!

One of the coworkers here offered to let me check out a copy of Dr. McNinja that she wanted me to look into. It was in reference to coming to work on Friday in a "KNIFE EYE ATTACK!!" shirt. It's neat because they got it signed, too!

So I just found out that a gift I sent to someone who basically helped me out during some of the rough parts of the transition to a new account did not receive the gift I sent them! Bah! She seemed thankful, but maybe next week with my paycheck I will try again. I will keep trying again (unless my paycheck breaks me in two)!!

DIY and a gift?
So softbox came in along with a new paper lantern, 18 inch diameter. We've been wanting one of these for awhile because our bedroom is lit with a 10" paper lantern covering an LED bulb. The larger lamp is giving a more even light, but also emphasizes how much power you might want to expect out of it. It's a 9V LED, which is equivalent to 80W incandescent, which is still pretty damn bright and more than enough for a bedroom, but I'm not the biggest fan of how much weaker the light feels now.

We did actually get a 15W LED as well from IKEA and we tried it out. It's really bright, but it's also a warm light. Since the house uses a lot of whites and blues, a warm tone doesn't really work with the house, so I didn't think it worked. Michelle was in agreement, you can't do warm lights and blues at the same time unless you like everything to look more brown.

The softbox was tested out with the lamp frame and it looks good. I can clamp the umbrella to one of the unused arms and the rest might have enough room to handle adding the light equivalence. My only concern is if it burns too hot and smoulders the softbox, but we'll see about this. LEDs are known to gather less heat, but four bulbs is still iffy; I'm aware that LEDs are mostly heat sinks for a reason.

EDIT: Wait a moment... maybe I can see about rewiring a clear plastic computer fan into a metal bulb? Might need to see how much I can get away with that without turning it into a fire hazard. I might need to figure out a proper exhaust port too. I am very skeptical about this though as I know computer fans are moderated by a motherboard so this might be a great way to burn out a fan motor really quickly.

EDIT 2: Just looked into it, yeah, I would need a transformer of sorts. Might be able to break down a USB cord to convert, but that means two plugs which just guarantees more of a mess. Plus, I still need to do something about setting up a vent, so I'll just see if force of will will be enough, maybe remove the white screen or separate it instead to allow air flow.

while I was checking out the quality of the softbox, Michelle noticed something on the bed where I unpacked the softbox. A wire with a rounded knob at the end, kind of looks like a wireless charging port?

Sure enough, we plug it (if it infects my computer, at least it's a new version of Windows 10 on it?) and...

it lights up.

It lights up?

Googling lead us to stuff like this!

In fact, it lead to a lot of them! Whether it was a knockoff or not, the thing was dirty and looked like it had been gathering dust, so my take is that it might have been pushed into the bag without realizing it. So yay, free thing! That we can't really use, but yay free thing!

No idea again. We got a ton of laundry to do though, so there's that. I might see if we can get a hike if the weather stays cool, but if not then maybe we'll explore the land bridge, or try to walk around the lake again! At least I have repellent, so I'll look forward to that.

I might ask to visit Re:Home again to check on that treadmill.

Speaking of spending garish amounts of money, Kickstarter is annoying me because it keeps pointing me to stuff I'm interested in. Case in point, a super thin jacket that could potentially be gotten for 100 (okay likely 120 with shipping). I love wind shells just because they guarantee protection from bug bites, and something thin like this that also provides warmth sounds amazing to me. I'll see if it's worth it later on. Even if it doesn't provide much in the way of warmth, I like the ergonomics put into it.

I should do maintenance on the garden, so I'll try to take photos!
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One issue dealt with, now to work on another account.

Had to use the credit card at the supermarket today since meat day yielded some decent deals. If your bag is too heavy to carry normally and you spent less than 30 to do it, I consider that a good day. I found it oddly appropriate since we found a sale on burgers, which Michelle definitely needs to make up for the period.

I moved a pair of constantly wilting squash plants to a hanging planter that I removed the plastic liner from since they crumbled instantly. Broke down the soil and mixed it with plant food. I don't see it getting far, but it's likely better than watching these plants live and die off time and time again.

So we got into The GLOW.

Is it wrong that I find it awesome when you have a cast full of unconventional body types taking more regular roles? I have to admit that hearing Jenji getting her influence in making this show does show as it has a bit of an OITNB style of focus with the cast and their storylines.

The storyline itself isn't amazing; the establishment of the story is itself nothing new, but some of the interactions annoyed me, especially regarding a protagonist's partner (which also seems to be an OITNB theme, ha). The background on the documentary noted how this was a show that walked the line between women's lib and pandering to men's needs, and this show does seem to emphasize it since it shows more skin than I really wanted.

Also going to mildly spoil that one of the characters is desi so of course is shown as the terrorist and the reaction to her is too volatile for me to believe that this is the 80's. Back then, we didn't associate The Iron Sheik with the triggers of terrorism like we do in a post-9/11 world and I think they did it just to make a point, but it cheapened the experience for me. If the documentary points out this was a thing even back then, then I'll concede the point, but it feels too modern to convince me.

I'd recommend also being warned that there are some nudity scenes that get extensive and a little too exploitative for me (I mean, I think Allison is adorable, but I never wanted to see her naked, thanks), while other actors feel underutilized. I mean, I respect Marc Maron, but I felt like he didn't bring anything too exciting to the table beyond a reveal late in the season.

Despite all this, it's the ladies themselves who make this watchable as you see them pull off some fun lines and watch them grow into their parts as terrible actors who can sell great techniques. More importantly, it's short; ten 30 minute episodes translates to a one day binge, so it doesn't take much time to watch through. Plus, after looking up some of the history of the people involved in the actual Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, there is a lot of potential for things to happen in later seasons, so I'll look forward to getting some more details on the cast's roles as they fill them in.

Also, Adam Ruins Everything came back and it reminded me how great the show is.

They started the season off by talking about pregnancy and childcare. One particularly shocking bit of knowledge was on how the data for pregnancy past 35 was based on data compiled from the 16th to mid-18th century from France. Most significant about this though was him now including a segue where he talks to some of the specialists he invited to get a little more in-depth on the subject in a serious light, not unlike his podcast where you can pick up some great details on the subject that just couldn't fit the format of the show. I personally like that he's putting more emphasis on the knowledge at the cost of the fun of the show, but I think it works.

I find it a bit more of a relief because me and Michelle are getting older, but we can't really guarantee having the money to really put to giving the child everything they need to grow up happy and well. Maybe once our combined income hits six digits, sigh...

I made congee! Do you know how easy it is to make congee when you have rice flour? Of course you do! It's super easy!

-Boil water
-Throw in chicken base
-Take some of the soup, let cool
-Mix rice flour with the soup
-Drop it into the soup, mix until fully integrated
-Add shaved ginger, green onions, edamame, and corn (because texture, note peanuts are more traditional)
-When boiling, add thinly sliced protein, serve a few minutes later until the meat is cooked from the scalding hot heat of something that you could get serious burns from


Jul. 11th, 2017 04:52 pm
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Looked at camera equipment. Nowadays, ISO 51k can get you some pretty damn acceptable results. I can't afford any of this stuff, but knowing that is insane.

I don't see myself needing a replacement anytime soon either, as my gear is built to last (I still have a 8 year old K20D that has thousands on its shutter box and still going strong), but it did make me think.

Actually, the K5 is being less and less cooperative, but I always felt like my version has issues. In all honesty, I live with the NEX-7 anyway and that camera has been holding up really well.

Still, acceptable images at ISO 51K is five steps better than the best sensor tech I have in my current models. It's now so good that I can probably take mood-lit photos in a smoky bar without using a flash and I might be able to get away with it while using a crappy kit lens. The difference is worlds apart.

If we ever get the money to do these kind of disposable luxuries like me getting gear again, I imagine my next camera will be fifty times superior to anything I haul in my bag. Just knowing that amazes me.

Welp, back to paying the credit card then.
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Judging my feed, I think it's official to say that Photobucket is dead now because there's no way their new business model is going to be viable. I can see why they're taking this drastic measure, but their alternative might as well be the Trumpcare of changes.

Sorry, I try to push politics out of this, but had to make that metaphor.


These past two days have been rather uneventful. Perhaps for the better?

Michelle's got her period last night, so I'll need to think up some beef dishes, but I thawed out chicken because I was planning on cooking something yesterday but we were here until 7:30 because Michelle's accounts basically dumped everything on her and then I had a discussion with someone that ran it into overtime. We needed a quick meal, and the supermarket had a sale on pizza rolls! Welcome back, college days!

Michelle didn't like them in the end, but I found them to be the perfect kind of junk food I needed. Maybe tonight I'll do a chicken macaroni casserole? Then tomorrow I'll see if we have any burger meat left and i'll work on that. Not a big fan of the mac and cheese since it makes terrible leftovers (unless you want lunch to include falling asleep on your desk), but I do have a lot of pasta left. Maybe I'll do mac salad and make chicken fried rice then? Could potentially do an alfredo too...

We ended up watching "Teachers," which is like the Bridesmaids to the line of rude edgy comedy shows out there like "The League" or "It's Always Sunny (yes, I'm aware that one of the main cast is a woman)" While I think the performances can be hit or miss, there's something hilarious about a show where you have kids saying utterly rude things to adults. Allison Brie is one of the executive producers for the show and honestly, I can see it as something she would fit in perfectly with as well.

The oddest thing about it though is that I know too many actual teachers and most of them feel offended by the show. I mean, I get it; it's not actually what teaching is like, but the joke is that they're all idiots. I find it odd how some people can take these things so personally. It almost makes me wonder if professors get offended at "China, IL" because it suggests that academia is full of rapping drunks who barely care about their students as much as their paychecks.

For the picnic, I ordered a 36" hexagonal soft box. No worries, I could find uses for it.

One of the people who offered her lamp finally brought it. It's one of those octopus-style standing lamps with cheap plastic hoods. The screw thread is smaller (I'm thinking E12) so I'll need to look into appropriate bulbs. I was tempted to get some 12 watt LEDs (which would allow a concentration of 100W equivalence per bulb allowing for a really bright hot light), but at this size they burn HOT and will be inside a confined space, so I'm electing instead to use something with less power. I think with five extensions, I can concentrate enough light to make it fairly powerful while simultaneously not threatening to burn down the softbox, although a four pack should be enough.

Removing the cheap plastic cups was easy. Surprisingly easy, in fact; so much that I didn't need to destroy anything in the process. I don't think I'm going to need to do much to break down the lamp and it looks really straight forward. I'd like to see about making a metal frame to make sure the bulbs don't touch the side of the box too, but I think if I have a dead bulb there, then it's going to be fine since I can use it as a brace (which seems likely since bulbs tend to come in a four pack).

I'm going to see if I can either remove the weighted base or separate the pole so I can add another pole to it. It might not be necessary, though.

I also spent the weekend swapping out the phone cord box with a wall installation. It was surprisingly easy, even easier when you have a DeWalt to do things like set the anchors. Also added some wire staples to make sure they don't drag on the bottom and get tangled by the Roomba. At this rate, I might be able to learn how to pet-proof the house.

We saw a treadmill at the Re:Home and were really tempted to get it, but the vacation tapped out our reserves, so we vowed to get it come next paycheck. It's not expensive (100 dollars!) but it's heavy as hell and difficult to move and would be going into a house that we might have to get rid of furniture just to make it fit properly. If we don't get it, it won't be the end of the world, but when the weather gets cold again, it'll be a nice alternative to walking outside.

-is growing! Like, really growing! Installed a new line from the tomato cages. Checked for pests. I found colonies of spring peepers coming by, so I have some natural pest control. Yay, spring peepers! Installed a squash plant where a bean plant didn't do so well. I have another creeping squash that I will probably install today. Just some mild weeding and testing out the repellent; it works well enough for me to see a mosquito try to get at my arms time and time again only to fail each time as I mock its pitiful attempts to have my sex blood.

The window sill's bean vines are starting to show flowers as well, by the way. I'll start artificial pollination if it comes to it, although I don't think there's enough soil in the sill to make it bear any real crops.

After I cleaned the memory slots, I haven't had a BSOD recently. I'm hoping it keeps this up because I don't want to buy new memory yet. We shall see! Sigh.

I still have yet to install the free antivirus I was offered for 2 years with the Windows license. I need to put time aside for that.

Back to work!
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Hey folks!

Typing this from Boston. I am covered in sunburns and lounging in air conditioning. Our two day camping trip was reduced to one, and I have to say that 24 hours on an island makes you really appreciate all the little things of modern life. You would not believe how amazing artificial grape from a refrigerator can taste after all that heat and dragging 70 pounds of gear.

Our hotel has a view of the Charles river where a tree blocks the river itself but not enough to block where the fireworks will go. We ate hot food from an app! My god, I feel so backwards living in the country sometimes when I remember how connected I used to be as a city kid. Still miss Boston (except for driving. Screw all this Masshole auto stress).

We'll be home tomorrow and I'll have some shots and a little more to talk about then. Hope everyone's enjoying their day off.
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Found out the only person in the office that I worked on for my account was someone who is notoriously temperamental. Can't wait to be three months into this just so I can figure out what's an actual crisis versus something that seems like one thanks to antsyness.

Aside from this, the day seemed to move well enough. I guess we'll see all the proper damages come Wednesday. God help me in that case.

In the meantime though, tomorrow we drive off to Boston. I'm hoping for some decent photos of the marine life along the shores. The only concern I may have is for water, but we're all ready otherwise.

If the days ever get quiet in Boston, I'll probably post something about what's going on, but for now just going to warn that I will be even more absent than usual.
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Another rough day. Group leader checked on me because I was making mistakes like crazy from going into full on panic mode and pushing work into someone who's not even responsible for this account anymore. I think I passed the storm, I just need to make sure that I can get as much of the crazier crap resolved before I can leave for vacation.

I'm exhausted again but at least most of the things to do home are done. Camping supplies are good. We hit Sierra Trading Post (yes, we're that one state that has a physical store of theirs for some reason) and we saw a whole bunch of camping gear for soooo cheap. One of the bigger surprises was finding one of those sleeping bag body suits, which I know Michelle wanted for awhile. She decided to pack both her regular bag and that one for this trip.

Some freeze dried breakfast goods, some mess kits (mostly I wanted one so I could bake with it; believe it or not, I've been using a mess kit pot to bake instant muffins before and would like to do it again). I wanted to find some lemon eucalyptus spray and it's impossible to get short of buying online, so I ended up making bug spray!

-Two ounces of witch hazel
-ten drops of tea tree oil (because I had it lying around)
-two teaspoons of vanilla extract
-fifteen drops of citronella oil (to tone down the smell of the-)
-thirty-five drops of lemon eucalyptus oil

The smell is reminiscent of bug spray, but not a really strong lemon eucalyptus smell. Got it in an atomizer, so I'll see if this will do the trick. They recommended coconut oil if it's going to be waterproofed, but that stuff solidifies easy, so I'll pass.

Anyway, we could use some baking mix for breakfast or dessert. One thing I learned from Mini Bull Design is that those "just add water" muffin mixes are amazing if you want something warm and substantial during overnights.

I think we will need to get more water to carry, but at the least, we'll have enough for the night. I told her if we need more, the ferry can take us to where our car is which will be around a mall that includes a supermarket, so I can grab a two gallon there or something if it comes down to it.

My gear bag is also optimized for the trip; mostly short lenses, a macro, one prime, the NEX-7 and a Pentax K-5 with a cardboard tube telephoto zoom. I really want to see if I can do some proper long exposure while there. My carry weight will probably be somewhere between 50 to 60 pounds, so it'll be interesting seeing if I can handle it all.

Tired, just glad most of our vacation prepwork is done. Didn't even do much else beyond register my Windows 10 license.
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Is lagging. I didn't get enough sleep. Apparently, I missed a few steps on some processes either which annoys the hell out of me since it means I've been slacking hard.

Once and Future Nerd; two episodes behind! Lagging behind something never felt so good. "A Cruel and Sullied World" was mostly about resolving some revelations, and "What Used to Be Enough" is a chapter that continues off trying to progress what goes on. No spoilers, but I got to say they are delivering as an audio drama while doing what good fantasy does by pushing the analogies and expectations of demihumans and how it applies to our world (and the irony of it that people from our world are in a land where demihumans exist to begin with). It's not "The Witcher" by any means in depth, but the acting and production are good enough.

I'm trying to get into Science Jerks, which is a comedy podcast from two comedians who are into reading science. Not as good as you'd hope, it has that relaxed pace you'd expect out of Doughboys so it comes off like listening to an unfiltered feed to the writer's room for The Daily Show.

The Subway Derailment
A few posts back, I remarked on NYC's subway issues and it looks like it's peaking as a train was derailed. My brother told me he takes that route on the way to work and some of his coworkers were only a train or two away from that incident. I checked Twitter and people are remarking on it to Cuomo... as he remarks on healthcare instead. Sigh.

How I got little to nothing done
After work, Michelle had a haircut appointment so we left early and made it! We made it in time for her hair stylist to not be in. She came in late and mentioned how she was running late already, so we had the offer to wait. Daaah, okay, we can wait.

Simpsons Tapped Out is acting up... aaaaand now it's telling me I need to contact tech support. Welp, it was nice playing the game while I had it.

Fallout Shelter and... done.

Oh, she's ready for Michelle! Better check if I can order Capture One on the phone. All right, made an account aaaaand- no. No, the interface doesn't work. God damn i-

Fallout Shelter again and... done.

Man, it's so empty in here.

They cut her hair super short. Like to a bob. It's a bit off-putting since I keep wanting to tell her it reminds me of Velma from Scooby Doo. She didn't think they were going to take off this much too. Worse, they changed the pricing structure, so the rates are all weird. I'm tempted to switch to a different salon since their work on my hair wasn't so good either (it's poofing out poorly right now because Asian hair does that). All that and we had to pay for parking because of the delay (normally two hours are waived). But at least now it's time for dinn-

Yeah, who am I kidding. We needed gas. Dinner options were considered and finally we came to one conclusion: this little diner where the prices are reasonable and they sell all these local goods there (it also has this moody lighting and wooden paneling that makes me think we're bit players to a Fox series drama). So we can make it there almost thirty minutes before closing, so we're on it!

...and we end up fifteen before instead. So Michelle missed the quick turn to get there. Then the detour ended up taking us through road work. Three paths of road work. Ever have those incidents where you are stuck in two lane roads while a man in an orange vest and a bored expression emphasizes his two-sided SLOW/STOP sign? Imagine driving past three of those in a row. Three bored construction workers for each side. Don't know what they were working on, but it's definitely extensive.

So we end up being the last ones there, gorge ourselves into blessed fatness, and then head home. I was going to do something about the spline, but that'll have to wait. The seal is still good for the bug screen, but I'm still hoping to get a new latch set up.

-has Capture One installed. It's so neat, but I have very little knowledge on it so this is a learning experience.

Plus it crashed my computer. I think I might need to upgrade more than the boot drive. Sigh.

Anyway, going to see about getting those things done, so we're leaving a little earlier. Going to see about hopefully getting some sleep and maybe some ranch pasta salad made.
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Docked the old SSD (thank god for the full tower coming with it built in) and didn't even need to install the files to the drive. Windows 10 will take some getting used to, and that's saying it lightly. It implements a lot of features that I have honestly taken a less ergonomic step towards handling, so I'll see if this helps. Windows 10 license will come in tomorrow, so it can wait in the meantime.

Before I called it a night, I ended up getting the drivers from the old boot drive to activate my wifi router properly. Then installed GE Experience so I can see about getting my drivers installed. I'll put money down for Capture One later today. This will be a whole new world of things to learn! I'm so used to Photoshop that even Lightroom seemed a bit tricky for me, but I'd rather use something that emphasizes maximizing images and Capture One's noise software is supposed to be among the best out there. Not entirely looking forward to all the work that's going to be involved but at least for now my boot disk is 1TB of memory. I'll still want to switch it out with a true SSD later on and memory's always getting cheaper, so I'll have to add that to my "investment goals" later this year.

I'm tempted to get a pirated version of CS6 just to do manual work regardless though. For comfort sake, you know? I should feel bad about even considering it, but Adobe's tech support is terrible anyway and I'm just too used to understanding its functions, so I want to think of it as a crutch of sorts.

So yeah, that was last night. That, and a few episodes of Clarence (because it's a really fun and surprisingly progressive show, that's why).

Nearly a year and Mr. Robot is still so god damned relevant despite its roots in a field that is constantly being developed in terms of knowledge and politics. The references to Comey every other episode is so oddly now, as are the concepts of a two-faced Chinese government/hacker collective, and all-black anarchists assaulting officials. What things that didn't hold the same grip was because of their relevance with an Obama administration and I can't help but see that next season is going to go apeshit over Anjit Prat and the Net Neutrality debate and Trump because Trump.

What is most amazing is all I'm doing is talking about the background noise. The meat and bones of Season 2 is not so much of a high-stakes thriller as much as a character study of a man questioning his madness and it's still amazing. I'm glad we waited on watching this for when we had time to really digest what we were watching, and I can't believe we managed to hold off for so long, but getting to watch the show so long after its release lets me appreciate how much they thought ahead of some of these things. God help me, I hope season 3 will keep this up. I'm already curious to see their Alex Jones proxy becoming either part of the administration or as some backhanded remark on Jones' decisions.

We were told the weather was going to be terrible on Sunday, so we decided to make a trip out of Saturday with some hiking while the weather was good; it was pristine, by the way; mid-70's from the relentless storms.

Along the way, we stopped at one of those gardening/hardware/farm stores to find hay. Yes, believe it or not, hay is not a common thing to find here for sale. I mean, short of going to a farm and asking personally. We ended up getting a twenty pound bag of chopped hay and I found some bamboo poles for those bean poles. They had these adorable chicks they popped their heads out to peep out and eat some feed out of their cages. I wanted to pat one on the head, even at the threat of salmonella.

Further East, we took a trip to Groton state park, which we did come by during off season. The roads are paved, and RVs reside the park. Our mission: to take a 3 mile loop around a pond. As we left the car and were greeted with gnats, I took a photo of a black and white butterfly that sunbathed on the pavement, not far away baked a dragonfly with a similar agenda.

Our trail cut short after a view of the boat loading area and then it was off to a trail! that was soaked in like a moat. After her new shoes were soaked in twice from too many parts of the trail that lacked dry spots and stepping stones, we decided to head back to the entrance. What few fellow hikers we saw either wore sandals or bore the squeaks of soggy footwear wringing out with each step.

So we instead went to an easier trail called Owl's head. Short trip up, overlook at the top. Sure enough... it was wet. The paths bore the saturation of several days of storms, now "dry" of running water but saturated. As we wended through the dry plots, I took photos of moss dripping still, and fought cowflies and mosquitoes hiding among the gnats that lapped up our sweat. Not long after though, we see the light in the canopy of trees and are treated to an observation tower and a glorious view.

A constant breeze wicked our faces, and flies fought the wind; life was rampant. A couple and their baby and a dog also met us around the same time and Michelle took their photo for them. But like all trips ending, we went back down... and soon found ourselves back to the parking lot. It was remarkably short, but we already felt it in our legs. Just more proof: we need to get out more.

I didn't think we got enough movement, so we drove from there, explored. We found this infamous 24 hour diner that's built into a truck stop; like one of the old school truck stops that offers showers for truckers and everything. You don't normally find that around my overdeveloped parts of the New England area. This station is more or less an oasis in a very rural area.

We finished with a trip to a minimall. I did not do the flea market dance, sadly. Wandered through a supermarket where I realized how much I missed this one roast beef sandwich we get in New York and I want to remake my own version of it. Then we walked into TJ Maxx where we compared bedsheets (is this what being old is about?), and then to PetSmart, where I realized that reef fish are getting better in selection these days and that the designer betta breeds I'd have to order overseas from Thailand are coming over. I told Michelle that I would like to get back into aquaria, but I know that we can't do that yet; plus, if we did, then I'd want to go all out on it so would want a nice fifty gallon minimum to build a landscape of planted bliss in that case.

Also, we saw ferrets; they were the only rodent (okay, fine, non-cat nor dog) I ever saw Michelle react positively to as they immediately lit up when we acknowledged them and they started to approach us as though they wanted to climb all over us like the little cuteys they were.

Then she saw the pile of poo they made in a corner. I told her that that means they can be litter trained, but I think it ruined the moment for her. Regardless, the walking helped round out the rest of the day for us. Got home, made measurements of the base frame again for the screen door, before we finished out Mr. Robot and called it a night.

Woke up late. Weather is still pristine. Later on, we would realize that the rain we were scheduled to be hit by passed us completely. Good; gardening!

Michelle came out and helped me out this time. I used three of the six poles and tied the lines to the new crops. Then weeding. Michelle opened the hay packet and spread it around. One of the bean sprouts wilted and I found a tiny caterpillar-like thing that I am not sure if it's a worm of some kind of other crawling insect. One of the stems I found them on does include a wilting bean plant whose stem is lopsided, so I'm tempted to think it's a cutworm of some type. Aside from that, the plants seem to be holding up decently enough.

I transplanted three tomato plants as well. The ones inside seemed to have grown much better than the current batch there. I feel like plants grown inside are not adapting well to the outside, much to my annoyance.

Trip to the hardware store, got spline, and then we debated over finding a proper item to lock the bug screen into the door. I couldn't help but feel frustrated at how haphazard some of these installations are and asked Michelle:

"Do you ever feel like everything the people here have worked on is..." I want to say a certain blue term, but as though she read my mind, Michelle finishes my sentence.

"-half assed! Everything here feels so half-assed."

I blink, surprised and relieved she said it for me. How the hell did I manage to find someone like her?

But it's true, this apartment is stocked with relatively decent things, but installed incorrectly. The fridge has a rail that is cracking. The patio door has damage that prevents it from closing correctly. The toilet only had half its gaskets installed. Some things I feel like were added as an afterthought, like the sink that has rubber pipes clamped in to make it easier to extract things that fall in there, but it's ridiculous sometimes. I told Michelle the same thing that I told [personal profile] rocket_to_neptune--that I'm willing to do these repairs short of replacing the water heater--and she agrees and admits that if it ever does reach that point, then she's going to talk to the Board here about it.

Anyway, Home Depot got us a more robust spline and I'll work on that once we get the chance, but for now, I managed to pry out the bad frame with a screwdriver and then a butter knife. A lot of it was jabbing and twisting to pull it out, which made me wonder who originally installed this frame. Then I got the dremel out and a cutting wheel and sized it out, marked with a pencil and grind baby grind!

Then I installed this generic Home Depot replacement with Gorilla Glue. I'm inclined to use wood screws too to reinforce but we don't have any. Press it in, slide the screen door into it, and smile with satisfaction as the door snaps into place. That provided enough pressure to make sure the chemical glue reacts properly, and actually offers a better seal than the original frame since I could overlap this into some gaps that old frame could not. As a result, there's an inch of space that is not accommodated for on the bottom, but Michelle said I could add a bottom inch and people won't notice anyway.

This helped me to realize as well that the screen door has a gap between the patio door that is large enough to make me understand that a spider really could sneak in despite the fact. Next time we go to the hardware store, we'll see about getting a sweep or something we can DIY. It's a quarter inch gap at most, so it'll keep larger bugs and mosquitoes out regardless, guaranteed. In the meantime, while we find a sweep we should also find a new handle: the current one doesn't work well for this more pressure-intensive seal.

Fried rice for dinner. It made me realize how much I missed a good chahan. Borrowed some techniques from the pad thai, but most of the flavor came from that chinese roast peanut pepper oil. If it's 80 percent MSG, I would not be surprised because it's such an awesome umami bomb.

Just realized how messy asking for time off on a popular four day weekend was going to be, especially when I made it five to accommodate travel. I just spent most of my work day trying to figure out finding someone to watch my account while I'm out. There's a chance Michelle might need to drive me to work after we drop off all our bags.

Four days until vacation.

Reminder as well: we need to figure out our gear specs tonight between dinner. Seeing ranch pasta salad mixes gave me some ideas for tonight, but also still need to buy Capture One and get all my programs properly installed. No rest for the... Whatever the hell I'm supposed to be.

Four days...
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Installed the hybrid SSD and so far so good. Can't even get an internet connection and am moving the contents of the old boot drive to the new system drive. I will probably regale to you stories of this busy weekend and some images along the way*, but for now I only wish this weekend was longer.

6 days until our vacation.

*I'm going to need to get a subscription to Capture One as well.
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No photos. I was tired. Just leaving at 6 seemed decent enough. From what I can tell, the onion flowers are starting to finish their pollination and are likely ready to seed. Despite how neat it is, it doesn't look that nice. I did bring my gear bag with me and took a photo of the foggy landscape as we drove to work, so will probably put that up later today.

As I type this, I am offering to volunteer my photography time for a big event for a scammer.

No, I'm not actually doing it; I got tired of non-paying clients and scammers who kept making fake quotes, so I'm going to bait the scammer into doing work for free. I'm going to probably poke them every so often on progress just to see if they ask for an estimate.

I should point out that I kept writing crap like "Oh, thank you for this opportunity to get at the ground floor! I hope this exposure will get me future work!" and they keep asking for an estimate. It's like typing a foreign language to these scammers and I have to admit that amuses the hell out of me.

Surprisingly Awesome did a follow up episode. Since I know people here love pigeons, I should point out that a decommissioned Navy ship is home to a pigeon light show in NYC. I never knew about this, but it seems like a lot changes when you move away from the city.

We Hate Movies is glorifying the theme of hamburgers and hot dogs by reviewing one film called Hot Dogs (about freestyle skiiers) and Hamburgers (which is about hamburgers because the 80's was all about how awesome fast food businesses were?). As you imagine, they are terrible sexploitation comedies because of course they are.

Probably not helping that I read two suicide reports that reminded me that people can be god awful which just emphasizes how these sort of films reflect a less self-conscious time when it was cool to be ignorant and awful.

Dungeon Meshi got licensed as "Delicious in Dungeon" and felt it worth buying as one of those few manga worth my time let alone supporting the artist.

You know those classic Dungeon RPG party storylines that video gamers and thus manga seem addicted to? Imagine if the party fought a boss, lost the fight, lost a valuable team member as a result, and need to rush back despite having no money or resources left. How do they get around it when they can't even afford to eat? They survive by learning to harvest and serve the monsters along the way down. Like most people's reception towards foraging in a city, it doesn't receive any applause, and it turns into this faux cookbook-like storyline as they try to get back to save their friend while learning about the ecology of dungeons and how to eat things that are normally fought for loot and glory. It's amusing enough, the artwork is decent and you can find it online easily enough if you're curious.

My computer at home is acting up. It could be because my boot drive's tiny size combjned with all these redirects and using,Windows 7 added up once and for all. I need to probably go to Newegg and get myself a Win10 license and a larger SSD to boot. In the meantime, this means everything will have to be done through my phone for the time being. Oh, why is life so hard? Pft.

I'm tempted to use a hybrid SSD instead, but not sure if it'll give me the same quality I'm expecting out of my boot needs. Still, it'll be a cheaper option until Black Friday kicks drive prices down so maybe.
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I forgot to note one thing that stuck out to me:

I was listening to episode 40 of My Favorite Murder and they talked about that infamous Jenny Jones episode where a man was murdered for admitting he had a thing for a man back in Texas on that talk show. I remember growing up to this news and it was more interesting when they mentioned that this happened back in '95 I forget that this was little more than 20 years ago and yet it was still considered all right for people glorify homophobia. When things like this still seem so not that long ago, it's no wonder people think the country is changing for the worst for them when they think they're still living a time that doesn't look that different from those times.

I have to admit, a lot of progressive issues have come to a head as a result, and the fact that Caitlyn Jenner is a thing (a terrible, terrible, thing that in a way I'm glad has the same daddy issues as log cabin Repubs have with the GOP) says how much times have changed. Hell, another ten years back and interracial relationships weren't exactly embraced, either.

What times we live in, huh?
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It's been busy.

Well not for me, mostly for Michelle. The issue release has been keeping me busy with deadlines, but Michelle's got several accounts to worry about from her end transiting details left and right so we tend to get home late and then it's on to Animal Crossing and watching television. Yesterday was even worse because she needed to visit her lab so we spent time there before we got to a supermarket (where I go to pick at discounted meat to brainstorm new recipes and pick up random missing bits in my inventory of staple ingredients) and then got home at 10:30. Between all our trips, I've been playing mobile games.

I checked the slot for the screen door and it's not going to come off easy, I think it's glued in. Pain in my butt, I might need to use a scraper to pull it off, but first I need to find a place that can sell some sort of replacement for this. gauging by eye, I think as long as it's 1/2 inch, I can use it.

I've been trying forever to make a decent tomato mozzarella salad, and I think I finally found the right combo. It essentially boils down to a deconstructed pesto in a way with a few other things.

-add grape/cherry tomatoes into a bowl
-julienne basil leaves
-peel and slice cucumber
-dice ball of fresh mozzarella
-Combine in bowl
-throw in two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
-throw in tablespoon of sesame oil
-drizzle in two tablespoons of olive oil
-garnish with pine nuts
-Combine lightly and serve

My previous problems was that I was putting too much thought into playing with the formula. As it stands now, this works. The sesame oil provides a light toasted element into the flavor and doesn't overpower the other flavors like I was worried it would. Tiny tomatoes also don't add wetness to the batch which makes it a lot less of a PITA for me since I tend to have this combination come off as really wet and does not handle storage well. Yay for success! The mozzarella also comes off as brown because of the balsamic, so maybe I can replace with apple vinegar mingled with maple? It'll look more dun/tan instead though, so...

I also just realized that it isn't entirely a deconstructed pesto as I would have added parmesan if it was. I'm glad I didn't, I'd worry about it overpowering the flavors.

I've been following up on Star Trek DS9. I'll be honest with you: never was big on the Trek. The films were interesting sure, and I found them to be hit as well as miss (wtf was with Nemesis seriously). When I was a kid, I thought Next Generation and the original series were amazing and I keep reading about how NG just doesn't hold up as well as we used to believe, and I thought DS9 was boring because it was about a station; no exploration or anything!

Then I grew up.

I've been giving it a try these days and I've been finding that it feels more palpable as a series about people living in space from different regions. I still believe that we, as humans, are not going to be the Federation but the Ferenghi since we're being ruled by hyperreligious wealth gluttons that can't take women seriously unless money is involved, ESPECIALLY if Americans and the Russians are the ones with the space race in its reins. I keep noticing how there's no real black and whites in this series but everyone in the end does mean well in their intentions despite that.

At the same time though, I have to admire how well the storylines hold up. A lot of the stories seem to find a lot of analogues with our current events issues. An episode about a female Ferenghi seemed to resonate with a lot of issues with the 4channers (e.g. Kira despises the Ferenghi for being backwards bigots, but Dax finds them decent enough if you enjoy them for the lulz). Then there was an episode about a society of lost colonists who intentionally shut themselves off from the Federation because they wanted to return to nature and their reasons read like every anti-vaxxer website you can come across.

The Cardassian scheming simultaneously seems to involve tactics that seem to reflect everything we find so frustrating about our current political parties by hiding under pretenses to disgrace the Federation but pulling back and cutting off losses ruthlessly the moment they find someone no longer useful, not unlike Trump and hell, even with Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the DNC.

Just finished up Season 2 and I don't think I'll finish it up anytime soon, but I have to admire the writers of the series for writing material that reflects our modern life even 20 years after its original release. I did joke with a friend though that if Apple followed their same policy with touchscreens, we'd have people wondering why their iPhone is full of digital lines and buttons framing their tiny screens, lol!

The Garden
I'll check the garden when I get a change. The beans I planted have sprouted. I'm going to need to get those poles soon and I didn't even have time to plant the tomatoes (which are doing well inside, by the way.

Oh, one of my neighbors also offered one of their cabbages, which I will look forward to seeing if I can make something out of. I need to see if I can get enough light from the kitchen to let it grow from there, not sure if the patio will do it.

Post is too long, posting this. Will see if I can get some photos today if we don't end up too busy.
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Calm day, despite how I'm waiting for a big thing to be rushed out in the next 24 hours and then I will MOVE MOVE MOVE GO GO GO with the materials. But for now, I float.

I pulled out some duct tape and started to check for gaps in the screen door and found a few issues.

1. The screen for the screen door is coming loose. The string that holds in the screen is not holding in and I think it's because of constant bombardment by june bugs. We'll need to hit a hardware store to get a thicker line.

2. The slot that the door closes into has cracks in it and the cracks are preventing the door from closing properly. I'm going to need to find a replacement spline for that door. I have no idea what the term is for that bar though, the z-bar maybe? I'm just as tempted to snap off the cracked part, but that's lazy and delaying the inevitable should we move.

The weather is raining on and off. Eating the last of the biryani and I realized that I really could use a more flavorful playfulness with the flavor mixing.

I wanted to try again with the pad thai now that I have all the proper parts. Now I added the cilantro and really chunky peanut butter and more eggs. The result is better; much better! Well outside of the sand from poorly washed cilantro. I may make this a regular thing now. I did forget to add lemon juice, though. I'll still mark it a success. I know at least if I can toy with this formula a little more, I can make a proper drunken noodle for once.

Spread the plant food into the outside planter where I put some dill seeds, coriander, and basil. We'll see how it goes. Also set up some pods for some squash and watercress. Again, we'll see.

I'm hoping the plant food in the indoor planter is going to succeed. The tomatoes inside are doing decently enough, so I'll see if I can set up some cages soon enough. I think they're ready. I'd like to do it while the weather is still wet so either today or tomorrow.

Amazing, a short post for once, huh?
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This weekend has been interesting. Actually, it's been boring. Blessedly boring! No trips out! No obligations! No last-minute disasters! No crises that miraculously macguffin'd their way into our life!

As a result, I got to enjoy a Saturday of absolutely NOTHING to do. Along the way-

-Another big spider found its way inside. Out you go, enjoy eating the insects! (I should probably break out the black duct tape and start checking for more holes)
-We took a walk on Saturday that was spurred by Pokemon Go but ended up becoming a visit of the town hall and the school nearby. There's apparently a camping summer program back there and a mess of trails I've never known about. The playground there is also really new: they have this rail slide thing that looked so cool but I am way too weak in my upper body to enjoy, which really annoys me because it looks so fun!

I finally have honed my oneness with the Animal Crossing. I have caught those damn tree insects and filled the museum with my captives. I have tamed the mighty Dorado and have him displayed for amusement amongst the lucky Arowana and the rebellious piranha, and the mortgage has now shrunk to a tiny thing in such a way that I wish I too, in real life, could tame my debts with such passivity. For I... am mighty!

Yeah, actually, I'm just saying that I finally am getting a hang of the game.

The garden is sprouting more. I took some photos of the outdoors as I weeded out the sprouts. I bent down to do it before, but then I realized that one foot and ample ankle pressure can uproot almost anything on new mulch. Pulled the plants, and then buried the mulch over them to let the heat kill them out. Or maybe I made them root deeper. I guess we'll see soon enough.

Journey (no, not the band thank god)
On Sunday, Michelle realized she needed a bra, and the yellowing of the plants in that planter made me wonder if I should get some proper nitrate source and we noted the fan has a flimsy pull chain, so we needed to go out. Since we relaxed at home all day, we drove to Plattsburgh. I didn't bring my gear bag with me this time, but did slightly regret it as the insane heat of the weather opened up and exhibited the fierce summer sun. 90 degrees over here. I can only imagine how people even survived Father's Day in triple degree heat.

By the way, today seemed to be filled with discounts for dads, which I thought was odd. I joked occasionally to Michelle to call me a dad.

We stopped for ice cream where a brown poodle rushed to the counter between my legs. Ever imagine a fluffy pillow being shoved between your legs (not in a crotch-shot sort of way)? That's what it was like. The owner apologized, but I thought it was adorable. Yay, surprise pupper!

So coast driving, a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond for washing bags for "intimates," then Lowe's for some plant food, fan pulls, and denatured alcohol for stoves. We spent several minutes on this because there's denatured alcohol and this "green" denatured alcohol for cheaper. Michelle felt sure about using the regular one since it says "burns clean for stoves" compared to the green alcohol which just "burns clean." I was inclined to the green one because "green" alcohol means that it's likely going to be mostly ethanol instead of partially ethanol. Several minutes looking for the MSDS for both finally found the green one to be mostly ethanol, a bit of methanol, some sort of fatty acid, and vinegar. I went with that. We could work with the regular one, but one thing I remember from my camping days that I liked about ethanol is that I can clean my dishes with it as an alternative in case we run low on water and I don't have to worry as much about the absorbed toxins as much as I do with methanol.

We had spare time because of course we did, so we went to Target. Because Target is a rarity in our neck of the woods, that's why! It was honestly because we wanted to get some more walking done and that was it. So why was I almost walking home with an upright food slicer?
Michelle found a purse that is larger than the one she has (she said she wanted something that could hold more for longer trips) and is more rustic looking, although it also means that she won't be wearing Coach, which she seems to get a lot of compliments for. I also ended up finding a huge series of Lego knockoffs that are specifically geared towards the Yankees: the perfect birthday gift for my brother! Bought them all, that'll save me a gift idea four months later. Also, peanut butter because...

I wanted to make pad thai because we haven't had a noodle dish in awhile and I wanted to use up some more old produce.

-boil out some rice noodles
-Bake some frozen popcorn shrimp
-Mince ginger
-slice onions
-Throw in two ounces of oil, heat low
-Throw in ginger and onions and some red pepper flakes, immerse
-Throw in half a stick of butter because that's apparently not enough oil, sigh
-in meantime, put in three tablespoons of chicken stock, two tablespoons garlic powder generous helping of fish sauce, quarter cup of soy sauce, three spoonfuls of honey and mix. There's supposed to be turmeric too, but I almost never use the stuff
-Throw in sliced kale, slivered jalapenos, some leftover pulled pork, sliced mushrooms, fry until cooked to nearly done
-Make hole in mix, throw in three eggs, stir and try to scramble and don't swear to self if it COMES OUT GRAINY DAMN IT I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE USED NONSTICK INSTEAD!!
-Ahem, anyway throw in rice noodles
-Pour in sauce, mix
-Top with peanut-oh damn it. "Michelle? Have you seen the peanut butter?" "I can't seem to find it." "Darn, I thought we had some."
-Throw in pumpkin seeds and hope it makes a decent substitute (it doesn't)
-top with baked popcorn shrimp

For the record, it still came out pretty decently despite that.

Now I can make more peanut-based recipes again. Chunky should be good enough for this.

The drive back came with warnings of thunderstorms. In fact, the weekly outlook is nothing. but. thunderstorms. And to think I was worried about not watering my plants.

We are literally racing against the storm as we try to make it down from Plattsburgh back into VT. We get hit by one part of it as we approach Burlington and the pelting is like a giant car wash on high power. No car handles this readily and a string of cars blink hazards as they brave against the spray and traffic crawls to 35mph.

Michelle is tempted to pull over or take an alternative route, but I assure her that the formation is going to pass us if we move quickly enough. Ten minutes of the washer and highways that are flooding quickly, and before you know it we're back to a spray and then the air that hits our windows with bugs instead of rain. So much for the clean car.

We make it back ahead of the storm and we sleep to a night of a quiet fan breezing into our skin and the drumroll of a relentless rain.

Today is pretty quiet for me. No complaints here thus far. Hence why I am writing yet another long post.

-to come. This post is too long.
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So I'm now part of a new team! Temporarily, as the team will have a new lead in time. My old team lead gave her best wishes as she headed off to the sunset, and I stayed until 6 because one of the hires who left made us realize she did sloppy work. Joy? I sent a weekly report with a photoshopped image in "welcome" to being part of his team for the time being. Hopefully he'll take it in good humor (but I think most people here do).

We had a meeting for a picnic planning and it looks like I'm definitely a photographer for the event and I'm also going to see about setting some lighting for this.

The Friday rains and its coming chill tampered the heat of 80 degree weather and replaced it with something that runs against the skin like mint on the tongue. Crisp and cool weather overall.

This weekend, Michelle's grandfather is going to have an operation and he's concerned about it, so Michelle's sister is having a party to show that we're all thinking of him. She knows we're worn out and won't be attending, so wants us to make a video to say hi. I told Michelle I may do it with a gas mask on as well as a speaker option (yes, I still have that US military gas mask in the icon because swag like that is awesome).

This Saturday promises warmer climates and fair 80 degree weather. I should start setting up some more lines in the back garden. The plants are growing and while the beans that held through the cold are growing, I can't help but wonder if enduring the cold has made them stunted.

I have no plans, and that 's how I want today to go.

Science VS on ghosts. Some studies remarked about how the feeling of haunting has to do with mold, which I found interesting. Also great to hear Katie Mack getting referenced as I am a big fanboy of her work and they tried to validate the concept of dimensional black holes. That it was being faced with some attempt to consider it with a straight face was amazing to me.

I've been trying to find this podcast episode on a hoaxer that claimed their daughter lived off nothing but water. I keep forgetting if it's Lore, Criminal, or one of the other supernatural-type podcasts I listen to. What interested me about it was how Breatharians are becoming in again. What a world we live in.

I remember constantly seeing ads for "Crashing" on HBO and I kept thinking, "Gee, that looks like it might be decent." Then a few months passed and then every so often the stray thought went to my head: "did I ever check out that show?" And then I'd get back to work.

Tonight everything in my head clicked together and I remembered that show and finally caught it. What to think of it? It's... interesting. I did research about it and it seems to be (from what I can imagine to be) an aggrandized version of Pete Holmes journey from a Bible Belt transplant wanting to become a comedian to the man he is today. It paints an image of him as this terrible comedian and its his inability to escape his white bread milquetoast persona that makes it hilarious, like he's an actual Kenneth the Page. I like how it's something like an odyssey of his as he lives from couch to couch with people whom he looks up to and realizes what comedy is really about. Sort of like watching a comedy equivalent of a Kerouac piece. I can see why HBO greenlit it for another season after four episodes.

All right, off I go! Here's hoping today's looking good for the rest of you.
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Getting close to getting issues sent, so I might spike with business for a week. Otherwise, all seems calm. For now?

I'm at work just waiting for Michelle to finish up then it's a trip to a theater and it's Rifftrax Live! Also dinner. No idea what we're doing for that.

Listening to Hasan Minhaj on The Sporkful talks about how he hates soggy cereal, the philosophy of "Honey Bunches of Oats," and helped confirm to me why biryani is such a mixed concept; apparently, he noted that every South Asian mother has their own special way of personalizing it to perfection. Clearly my problem is that I am not a mother!

Hah! No, seriously, it does explain why the versions are so diverse. I think I need to understand how to create a decent masala first. Once I find the mix that works for me, I think everything else will fall in line. Maybe I could even figure out how to make a knockoff chicken tikka eventually (which would be nice since I think a good portion of it I could crockpot). My palate is too set I think, so maybe if I try mingling it with more spices I am familiar with?

I have to admit, if I can eventually perfect this, then I will abuse this technology into terrible fusion experiments. Tikka masala dumplings? Sure! Curried ranch? Why not? Casseroles of biryani and cheese will dominate my kitchen!

...okay, so maybe I won't Galadriel with the One Ring this concept, but I do like to experiment with recipes I am familiar with and I'd like to expand my knowledge. Though to also be fair, I still haven't perfected thai curry, either (in that I can make it tasty, it just always comes out looking brown: red curry, green curry, yellow; BROWN).

I'll have more to talk about tomorrow, promise. Well maybe on Saturday since I'm going to be back home late tonight. I'll need to figure out what to make for lunch tomorrow and I'm thinking banh mi with jalapeno rolls if we're going into the city. The leftover pizza was not enough for me for some damn reason and it's driving me crazy.

I checked the garden and everything looks fine. I noted some growth. I also read this one article by on Top 17 problems all bean growers must face and it looks like a lot of my problems had to do with the soil just not being warm enough. Still, watered the beans. The disturbed earth still looks fine and I noticed the stakes that represent fence boundaries are gone. Plus, I got to pet a neighbor's golden retriever, which is always awesome!

Okay, might as well log off and get ready to go.
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Have another comic from Bird and Moon's Our Wild City.

Never tangled with a cottonmouth, but I have with timber rattlers. I almost stepped on one and only realized it after the fact. That was the only time I seen one even try thinking of attacking me since I was stuck in the rain and was seeking cover a few feet away under a table umbrella.

Don't Even Try to Tread on Me
Did lead to this neat photo, though!
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I'm also going to throw this in as an old New Yorker who has a big thing against tone-deaf "big politicians":

If you need a good reminder of how awesome New Yorkers are, feel free to look at the responses to a tweet by Andrew Cuomo about autonomous vehicles. As much as I hate the subway, my hatred stems mostly from its issues, and I'm glad to see so many willing to take Cuomo to task for it because I really do want infrastructure and healthcare to be the terrors we can all win a war on.
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