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Have another comic from Bird and Moon's Our Wild City.

Never tangled with a cottonmouth, but I have with timber rattlers. I almost stepped on one and only realized it after the fact. That was the only time I seen one even try thinking of attacking me since I was stuck in the rain and was seeking cover a few feet away under a table umbrella.

Don't Even Try to Tread on Me
Did lead to this neat photo, though!
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I'm also going to throw this in as an old New Yorker who has a big thing against tone-deaf "big politicians":

If you need a good reminder of how awesome New Yorkers are, feel free to look at the responses to a tweet by Andrew Cuomo about autonomous vehicles. As much as I hate the subway, my hatred stems mostly from its issues, and I'm glad to see so many willing to take Cuomo to task for it because I really do want infrastructure and healthcare to be the terrors we can all win a war on.
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Oh hai, Dreamwidth!

I suppose I'm Wiseau'ing it up because Rifftrax is tomorrow and it's my favorite subject they're going for: shorts! While the whole MST3K process can be a bit of a trial to push through for bad films, shorts are the most deep-fried, sugar-frosted, cheese-injected junk food for the ears that I think anyone can enjoy about Rifftrax. Short attention span? No problem! Not really getting the original subject? It's only ten minutes anyway! Most of these shorts are either extended ploys to sell stuff or are mental hygiene films, so the only thing they're mocking is old school capitalism or those boring videos you were forced to watch in class in elementary that are now way too outdated anyway.

Want to watch it? A fair number of movie theaters will have it playing live tomorrow! Ahh, the joys of nerding out to bad mental hygiene films awaits.

No real cooking as Wednesdays usually means frozen food and Michelle wanted some pizza. We have now tried almost every major brand available here and we could probably make a site about reviewing them, we've tried so many. This, by the way, is a terrible idea and I wouldn't recommend it (although I'm sure someone more dedicated to the idea could profit). On that note, Dr. Oetker is surprisingly good.

Work was surprisingly calm, which was good since one of my other accounts had a lot of backlog. Learned a few more processes along the way.

On Fiancees, Fungicide, and Fresh reminders? )

Not much more to say, I'm probably going to catch up on Tower of God or play Crypt of the Necrodancer and then coma sleep in bed tonight.

Saw lots of good news for most of you today, so hope it's the same deal for the rest of you (except for that screwy ex-coworker one of you is dealing with that is utterly lame and petty).
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While we're on the topic of heat, enjoy this video on animals reminding us how they beat us to some of these ideas before us.

Also, another Garfield Randomizer because those are always awesome.
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Good grief, the heat! It was like that walk on Saturday though thankfully without me being exposed to that and the sun for several hours. I've been waking up with headaches and I think it's dehydration. Aceteminephin and caffeine this morning is not cutting into it as well as I'd like, so I'm ingesting salty foods as well in the hopes that it'll help compensate for this. The headache is still here, throbbing mutely in my head. Save me, sesame sticks.

I went to the garden to move the tomatoes and another set of bean plants. The ones by the window sill are yellowing hard, which means stress from water or something else. Maybe I should be enriching the soil? I'm wondering if growing beans inside is not conditioning these plants properly, so planting again, this time in the ground sown a few inches below. We'll see how many manage to survive not getting eaten. I set up some strings and tightened the twine lines, added a few lines to attach to the sprouts in the hopes that they grow up off of them as they grow. Really hope those bean sprouts are going to be okay.

More mosquitoes came by and this time they got me; three bites to mark the occasion. They may have been waiting for me: the spiders I fed are gone, as though they were provoked away or mysteriously killed by unseen forces in an act of revenge... Regardless, my pants have been stained with their sacrifices, so great. When the weather cools down, I need to start picking out the weeds again.

Speaking of Which
I saw a spider last night in the bathroom; decent sized, not half dollar sized like the wolf spider outside, but large enough to be significant. One grab with my boxer shorts (I took a shower), and I quickly unloaded it to the patio, where it can go dine on moths or whatever else decides to try coming in like those june bugs that keep battering my screen door.

On Sunday I picked up most of the ingredients to try making biryani. Now, here's an interesting thing I learned about biryani: there is no one, true, recipe.

Now a lot of websites are like that, I get that; I know three different ways to make an alfredo sauce, so I can get that. But when I say there is no one recipe, I mean every single recipe I saw diverges wildly. Cinnamon? Sometimes used. Saffron? A few mention it. Some also mention coconut oil. But do you cook it in one vessel or several? Are potatoes classic or is it better to use fruit and nuts? I even found a few that don't use yogurt, which threw me off most since most of the recipes I found mentioned it so I figured it was standard!

So the only thing I really found that was universal was that it involves making a roux (masala?) and then mixing the rice into it.

I ended up trying a fusion of different ideas.

-Throw in half a stick of butter, melt in stainless pan
-Throw in stew beef and pork chunks, brown them and put aside (okay if a little rare)
-Throw in diced potatoes and onions, move it around a bit, then throw in diced ginger, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, cumin, some adobo (since I have no sodium source in my ingredient list) and toss around until potatoes start to soften and onions start to glass up. While this happens, slice up cubes of meat
-Deglaze pan with half a cup of white wine, throw in two cups of yogurt, mix
-Throw in some more coriander and cardamom and cinammon because I can't get the flavor to stay no matter how hard I try!
-Throw in basmati rice, mix
-Throw in meat slices, along with sliced mint leaves and cilantro, mix
-Cover with lid and set to low and steam the flavor out before letting the potatoes fully cook through and then serve

I ended up upping the recipe again by adding some maple syrup because the flavor could use some mix since I only get a barely registered sour note with the savory and the mixture of the ingredients.

The end result isn't great? I think I'll have to toy around with the idea until I figure it out right, but it may also be because I used greek yogurt instead of regular. It was the only one I could get in plain form but was available in cup increments instead of pints. In retrospect, I think I could have gotten away with vanilla yogurt without too much problem.

Next time around, I'll try using coconut butter since I have a few things of that left as well. I'll have to try seeing if I can play around with the flavor profile better too. I wonder if I should deglaze with some chicken stock instead so that there's more opportunity to flavor it too. Perhaps paprika and black pepper as well. I was honestly tempted to use some rosemary as well, but I noticed that none of the recipes I saw mentioned using it. Maybe even a whole stick of butter may have been a better idea.

Michelle thought it was good at least.

Finally finished MST3K with one last episode. Dear god, these 70's era films based on Victorian fiction. Birds exploding. Things like this would have turned me off science fiction as a kid. I'll probably rewatch it regardless though. Season 2 is only bound to promise being better since this return is with a green staff, so now they can troubleshoot what works and what doesn't and make a stronger product.

I ran out of dandruff shampoo a week ago, and now me and Michelle are on a quest for a dandruff shampoo that we can use equally because dandruff shampoo seems to be a men's product for some reason. A giant bottle of tea tree oil shampoo is coming later today; would have gotten a smaller one, but this one was highly regarded on Amazon and the other alternatives I considered were basically salon products at salon prices with no option to upsize. The irony is not lost on me as tea tree oil often adorns my body as part of my morning ritual to fight athlete's foot and the like. Given how badly I've had some fungal issues, it's amazing how effective it is (it's the only damn thing that took care of one strain that the store brand and even prescription fungicide couldn't get rid of).
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Thursday is relatively quiet, not sure in Michelle's case, but all crises have been caught up with thus far. Spent this morning listening to the hearings and all I'll say is that it was depressingly railroaded and when it wasn't, it was completely left field "say anything just so we can divert the intention of this hearing." When people wonder why I'm independent, listening to people endlessly verbally fellate someone just isn't my thing no matter where it comes from.

Sporkful is delivering: found out about a Sweeney Todd production that serves the audience a pie. According to the podcast, they use truffle, which does lend to a very human smell.

Another great episode is on Rosa Parks and recipe for pancakes. The episode on this one is fantastic; lots of details about the woman behind the myth. It's a reminder of how certain histories are modified to make it work better with our modern narrative. Also, there's a recipe for lemonade that involves boiling the lemon that sounds like something I should do just to bring out an awesome smell in the house. Plus, it offers a suggestion for a George Washington Carver episode to come.

Nerdy Show Network has The Orphans, and it's got a bit of a We're Alive vibe to it in a sci-fi world. I'm not engaging into it as easily as Liberty: Critical Research, but it's interesting. Would be nice if it was easier to find their drama pieces between all the review/commentary casts they do which just don't interest me as much.

I listened to some Dumb People Town as well, and there's something awesome about hearing Sam Richardson having fun with it. He shares a great story about the guy who held the hot beer in an episode of "Detroiters" that is amazing. By the way, if you like watching two dudes being dumb guys in a friendly "everyone's welcome" kind of way, then I recommend giving it a watch. So glad Lorne is giving it a green light for season 2. Which brings up...

I can't believe OITNB is coming back by the end of this week.

No photos today. Really was too busy, otherwise I would have documented the making of the filling portion. Nothing to really show though; a lot of it was pretty standard fare. I'll try to remind myself to get some shots of the crust now that I have the leisure to.
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Caught up on work.

Yesterday, I got a clump of work that came at the end of the day; that tends to happen. I think it's going to stay slow for this week until Memorial Day finally resolves. Visited the supermarket and there was a sale on beef! Oh, glorious beef!

So I was referred to Magikarp Jump. I do know that I have some AAA titles on Steam I haven't even cracked into yet, right? Ugh, waste way too much time on Puzzle and Dragons already.

I got three sprouted beans so far, two more planters are still not doing anything yet. I'm tempted to plant one by the window so I can add to that window motif, but I guess we'll see how that looks. I am liking how the plants are so large.

The garden looks bleak but hopeful; a lot of leaves are dying out, but I can see new shoots coming out; I think there's a good chance that the beans will start growing out. I'm thinking that is the beans start growing the same way as the ones by the windowsill, then I'm going to get a pole in the next two weeks and start maypoling the plants.

Despite my love of getting a sale on beef, I really should play around with this textured vegetable protein to see if I can make a decent substitute out of it. I can think of a few things if I do it vegetarian, but vegan? That'll require some more brainstorming to get some new flavors out of it. An advantage is that because it's dry, it's soak up whatever wet mixture I give it much more readily than actual meat, so it'll make for nifty marinade-based mixes.

Originally, I was tempted to do something with it for protein bowls for that birthday that I forgot about, but since that didn't work out, maybe I'll try something else. Maybe I'll put it in congee to test it out, marinate it in sesame oil, soy, and kimchi brine and then throw it into that potato-rice congee I kept telling myself I was going to make (although the kimchi itself uses fish sauce so isn't really vegan, but this is more of a test to see if I can do it than anything else).

I'll make this as well once the fridge starts to clear up more. I think there's still some stirfry, but not that much, so I'll go that direction.

So I dug from the back photos: not a lot of them came out good or that detailed.

For example, the comps for these snails wasn't too good. Part of the problem is the weather, the other is that I take these close to sunset, and the last is that I can't really handle staying outside in the rain for long periods of time yet. So in the meantime, enjoy this photo as much as, uh, those two snails are enjoying each other.

So yeah, a photo of when I finally cleared the stripped screw. That dremel is amazing. I should note though that most of the stuff in that case doesn't get as much use as you'd think with me; the grinding bits I used were actually bought piece by piece.

By the way, see that plastic hard case of screwdrivers? Those things were CRAP. The bit on top is slightly more useful since you can get better torque out of it, but the Moody bits? Excellent if you want to undo tight screws.

The feral green onions have started to really grow out properly despite the transplant, as they're starting to get ready to flower. Mosquitoes are coming out, so that's a good sign that the gardening weather is getting there.

-which explains this spider I found hanging out around the flowers. Those spider webs around it? Exactly.

I'll see if I can get some other shots; I took some of the recent hike up and down (me and Michelle are doing it more regularly to get some acclimation to the endurance test with it) and got a few more landscape shots.
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I will not start a community. I will not start a community. I will not start a communi- Hey, stop it hand, stop going to that community section!

Sigh. After yet another comment on writing, I keep realizing these great potential ideas for communities. As much as I don't want to commit, I do think that maybe once I have more free time, I should.

I have two ideas running in my head so far:

-Writing: A theme-based short story monthly workshop. We throw in random prompt ideas and each month, you try to write a piece of quick fiction using those ideas one way or another. You keep it intensive like a class so that way you make sure someone does it and, if you can't, you post saying you can't for that month for one reason or another. Maybe whoever pulls the prompts is done in a round-robin style where everyone critiques it off a Google Doc and a summary comment if interested. I don't know whether it would make sense to make the posts private or public in that case.

Somehow I would be surprised if there wasn't a community like this on DW, but I think it would be good to have something more dedicated like that; only problem would be I would also consider making everyone admin and I'd need to make sure that whoever is in it will take it seriously and will also not take it so seriously that they become strict with style and not so much the effort. I know writing groups can go terribly wrong and that is part of the reason why I'm afraid to look at the ones people here have.

-Photography: A dedicated 365 a day share community. Crosspost the photos between each other, basically turn the community into a collage of work.

I don't see a lot of photog groups here that are active, so I think it would fulfill that need and a large enough group would encourage people to keep posting and taking photos even if it's mundane.

I'm tempted to also push the ideas of "buddies" to check on each other in case they seem to be having issues, just to encourage brainstorming by bouncing ideas off each other through chat sessions.

I know, this sounds more like a class than anything, and that's what I think my main goal for starting a community is; not so much to teach others as much as to get myself in the mindset of one.

I dunno, I think it would also depend on if there was anyone out there willing to basically join in something that they end up treating like a class. Thoughts?
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Yesterday, or What the hell was I doing?

Books, Boston, and me being a cranky baby. )

Since I want to keep this momentum going, I'll post two shots I took the other day. I'm not used to uploading every day like this, especially since I invested in a pair of SDXCs, but I need to get some routine back.

1. I forgot, but there was a bird digging through one of my hanging planters stealing coconut liner to likely make a nest. I scrambled for my camera as quickly as I could and ended up taking lousy shots with the manual macro lens. Like all old lenses, the thing suffers from a fair share of issues when used improperly, but I also knew I didn't have enough time to switch so went with it.

As far as I know, this may be the jerk responsible for trampling some of my sprouts last year. So fie on you, you little nesting thief! Fie on you!

When I got the camera adjusted better, he realized what I was doing before flying off.

2. This is a much more appropriate shot that I feel willing to admit I took: the bridge between Wellington station and the garage I always liked for its symmetry I'm glad I was able to get the reflections of the girders holding it this time. Plus, I used the Minolta 35/2 and didn't need to fast adjust everything to compose it properly.

Okay, off to sell my soul to that damn raccoon in Animal Crossing. Happy Memorial Day and may your foods have proper grill lines in them today.
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Tired. I gave myself a sugar coma from treating myself to a soda from the Sodastream because...

Well yes, because I like diabeetus but also... (photos inside!) )
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It's the coming weekend! By myself. Huh.

I stayed up late watching more Mike Tyson Mysteries. Mmmm, rice noodles. I ate myself fat and went to bed feeling sick from my own gluttony. To assuage my laziness, I also made a stir fry with eggplant, chopped beef, and silk tofu, all old ingredients, so should be good by the time Michelle comes back, she always loves these mixes. Also did the dishes, and probably should do the laundry once I get the chance. Also guzzled lots of raw honey and tea just to see if the allergies will finally stop now.

Today is quiet. So quiet in fact that I am wasting time in the office. I have been trying to figure out the art of peeling oranges into an art form and have much to learn.

Like I said, it's a quiet day.

I haven't heard from Michelle all day. It's raining and it's been raining for two days I might need to replant new beans at the rate it's been going. Sigh.

I gave in and am allowing the bean plants at home to grow out. One of them has coiled onto the drawstring. Another I am putting against a string I tied to the window lock. Let's see how far this will take me (at the rate things are going, though, I'm probably going to need to self pollinate these plants myself. I think I can get away with it by using a damp q-tip, yes?

The tomatoes are sprouting, so I'll look forward to seeing them get bigger.

I'll see if I can get some laundry done as well, maybe walk down and drop off the rent check. I'm so looking forward to leaving work early, even if there's nothing for me to really do. Shame it's cloudy, it would make sense for me to try and take long exposure shots. Maybe I should try anyway? We'll see.

Oh, also

May. 25th, 2017 02:21 pm
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Birdies! I love Bird and Moon, so just saw this and felt it worth spamming your feed.

Well truthfully, it also gives me an opportunity plug an episode on Pigeons that talks more about them. It's really fascinating how pigeons basically used to be the pet chickens of the city.
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So some odds and ends:

I looked through the photos I cleaned through and decided to post some actual things we've seen.

This is one of yet another group of landscape photos that I was getting bored of. I dunno, I really need to challenge myself more, bring the equipment at more places and be more liable to look for things.

This was the pizza quiche, which I loved because:
1. It's the first time I ever made a quiche in a springform pan, which confirms that it is an AWESOME way to make quiche in the future because for a lazy attempt by a guy like me? It actually doesn't look as bad as it normally does. Imagine if I actually cared and topped it with arugula or little slices of tomatoes!
2. It's the leftover pizza quiche that I mentioned a week ago.
3. I finally finished the damn thing yesterday. It was too rich. It. Just. Wouldn't. Go. Away...!

Been listening to the latest Cracked podcast, which is this time another episode about the Simpsons and the writing room.

What I've been finding interesting about it is that it's maybe 20% about the Simpsons. The comments are more about everything from politics to "Parks and Rec" to the PSX game "Gex."

One particular that I thought made me worth mentioning this was how they talked about writing drama and comedy. I wish I remembered who they quoted (these types of episodes get way too dense for me to ascertain everything through one listen through), but they mentioned how writing drama was about building something carefully and removing everything there to make sure it follows your plans. Comedy is like building around a tree and making sure both stay intact.

I probably mangled the quote, but that was the gyst I got out of it and it reminded me why I enjoy writing comedy so much more since I feel like it's an organic process. Other fiction is fun too, but I always feel like I fixate on the details to the point where it loses its impact and I jade myself out of the excitement. Does anyone else ever feel this way? I honestly stopped writing fiction for awhile because of this, and people have even noted that my prose tends to read very stiffly as a result when I remark on the grim instead of the rude.

Anyway, just wanted to posit that out and I'll finally hit the sack. Just looking forward to not being a druggie for another five to six months (maybe more if I don't get any fall allergies, whew).
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Since I follow some rather savvy folks and I have 10 minutes before I can leave the office for the week, I'm going to post a few interesting bits I just read that I think are worth mentioning here (in other news, I'm sure Michelle has 20 notifications from me from all the stuff I posted):

The end of the personal essay? Although the author seems to wonder when the boom came, I think, being here, it is easy to see where these authors originated from. It may be these stories that I remember reading and sharing on LJ that helped lead these people down the path to becoming journalists and writers for bigger and greater things. Personally, though, it was never about monetizing for me. I guess partially because I didn't want to do it for that, but the experience itself. Consider it a form of exhibition, perhaps? Although, in all honesty, I liked the intimacy of sharing things that I couldn't normally around normal people. It's cathartic, like a good place to vent and not be judged too much (though to be fair, I'm sure you could, but at least you wouldn't be doing it in my face).

Another, for my gardening idols, is on how CRISPR is being used to build the better tomato. Michelle has been trained in the process, so I love sharing these things associated with her art. It does make me wonder as well if Monsanto may invest in a research department devoted to using Cas9 to create future strains since this might be the easier way to go for them. I don't know if they do already though, and hell, as far as I know they probably have spliced some of their breeds using zinc fingers.

I should say more, but it's getting close to leaving time. I'll definitely speak further, unless tonight is busy, but god help me if it is because I've had enough for today.
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Spam calls are a lot more bearable now that everytime I hear them, I hear the Workaholics "Superman" bumper. I'm having wayyy too much fun setting these ringtones and notifications.

"You Must Remember This" marathon on Dead Blondes. I find that the more I listen to this podcast, the more I'm glad how it reminds me that actors and actresses, no matter how praised they are, have their fallacies that remind you how human they are (people just tend to forget them since nostalgia pans out the good stuff and washes away the sins made to get there). Having said that, it also helped me realize what a douche John Wayne was and how alternative and conventional beauty standards were emphasized in the most inappropriate way.

I went out the other day and weeded out dandelions, cleared the garden outside fence, and then started making a new trellis so that the beans would grow upwards (nothing too fancy, just hitched the strings up, used taut line lashings so I can control the slack so that the beans can grow up with the line). Once they pass the foot mark, I'll start adding another line, maybe start twining these bad boys. The translated onions aren't at their happiest in this new location, I think they prefer not to be in such a sunny location. I explored the surrounding area, found even more rusted out tomato cages (I will never have need for a tomato cage at this rate), some more forgotten tools, and a blue tarp covered in three dead body's worth of dirt (I say this because that's what it felt like I was dragging while I was pulling it out). Off to the trash it went.

The Nintendo Switch came... at 1pm while I wasn't home, so I need to wait again. Ironically, Michelle's other gift, the shoes came in. She loved them. She still doesn't know that I'm obsessing over something for her, but she's being patient with me. I'll see if I can pick it up from their service center instead. The way I've been behaving over this thing, I'm probably more excited to bring it home than she probably will be.

The two day heat wave has encouraged me to install the old window fan, and now I can sleep to the sound of loud white noise. Michelle's not taking too well to it, unfortunately. She said she'll get used to it again, but I still feel bad that I'm the only one that needs the noise to quiet my head.

I'll probably assemble a fan and install the other window fans once we get home. There's one we kept that is all gummed up and only one fan works now and I don't know how to break down the device to clean it out. I might give it a shot since it's going to get trashed otherwise, so we'll see.
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I tip my hat to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for offering some awesome advice on gardening. Thanks to this, I got a second wind and after another 7pm workday, we ended up going back to the field and I started doing more weeding, clearing out more weeds that are starting to get bigger, clearing the second plot, and planting a new batch of beans. The old batch are still there, but the leaves are brown and wilted away, so I can't belp but think that they're on their last legs anyway.

I pulled a few orphan onions as well and realized how insanely prolific they are. Separating the batches and then replanted them into the new lot. There's a lot more back there, way more than one plot can redistro, so I don't know what the best course of option here is. Maybe I should renovate one of the older plots and distro them that way? Some of the green onions back there are fat and look like something you'd expect out of a grocers, but the rest tend to carpet their area. I'll need to research this some more.

I replanted the tomato cages as well, along with one of the orphan cages in the middle to act as an in-between on the row. I forgot to bring the twine with me and it was getting dark, so I'll try to build a net tomorrow between the cages for the beans to grow on. I also should probably look into getting compost bags and straw so we can separate everything properly. Cleared a few more plastic bits as well, and I think I should weed around the fence more than ever.

They want to celebrate Michelle's birthday, so I experimented with the noodles to serve the team. Sadly, we had so much food for the past couple of days that I ended up throwing away half of what's left due to mold, but what I could salvage was more than enough. Boiled out a batch, replaced the water, boiled out a bit more for the sake of spores.

Flavor base this time is a curry. Jury-rigged the flavor with slivered ginger, a whole onion, flour, garlic powder, then cumin, coriander, turmeric, cayenne in varying proportions until I could get the flavor to stick. I wanted to use an umami push to help substantiate it but couldn't resort to animal products (since I'm aware this is also going to feed a vegetarian) and resorted to parmesan, which isn't as potent as miso or oyster sauce, but works with the cream that I put this all together under which I also added dill to. Since I'm aware that this should actually be yogurt, so I also brought a jar of the freshly pickled fiddleheads, which is acidic and earthy enough to lend a lemony flavor to the mix.

I still have yet to master the use of cardamom, and I worry about using cinnamon since both are such strong flavors compared to the others. If I could get the umami flavor even stronger, then I would probably risk it. Maybe I should have used anise? Adding that to my spice list, I need to stock up on a ton of things anyway.
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"Thanks xxx, we shall await their verdict."
"it would not pass. Thank you for your vigilance."

Email communication from me is a little more florid than I would like. I blame exhaustion and you people.

Curse you all!

Okay, seriously, it's cool.

Today's podcast rotation is catching up on "Hello from The Magic Tavern." Matt Young's voice always cracks me up.

So this weekend! )

We did some hoe work once we got back and brought back all the stuff. Pulled some weeds, cleaned out plastic planters and debris from so many past gardeners, tore off a few more edges from my fingernails in the process, etcetera. Interesting fact: this gardening area has been abandoned for awhile now, and as a result, we found a ton of old tomato cages lying around. We took a few for ourself, put a couple more aside, and noted how there are colonies of ancient green onion plants that have settled in nicely along there along with strawberry plants that have gone feral.

Despite the frost killing so much, some of the plants are surviving, although I'm seeing root rot now. Ugh. I was warned by the condo board that they're planning on tilling the field as they rezone the whole thing, but I can tell the weather's finally fair enough to plant outside: that's why I'm going to try again soon. Plus, a good number of bean sprouts just exploded while we were out. Insane, I know. Though, now I'm second guessing it since they tend to be a warmer weather crop and the moderate climate range is still around the 60s. Maybe I can plant the mint outside?

Any advice for 60 degree average climate weather plantings? The farms around here started fertilizing this weekend, so I think it's a good time to start, but I was curious if I should wait on the beans and try squash instead.

I didn't follow most of what's going on in the news, but what I did catch just makes me feel like someone is trying to make "Duck Soup" into a real life art project these days. It's going to be fun finding what I missed while I was away. Sigh.
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"Dear White People" is really well written, acted, and shot. If I didn't know any better, I'd think this was an HBO production for giving such a shit over actually making every character unique despite the particular template they are made to represent.

It's a shame I was too busy obsessing over avoiding controversy to not see it sooner (and TBH, I think "13 Reasons Why" deserves more of that wariness). In all honesty, I think I like it more than most of the other shows Netflix has put up.

Hell, I might as well say it's the best thing I've seen on Netflix thus far. I haven't gone deep enough to see if it has the setup for a season 2, but if they can keep the dynamics going along with the cinematography they've been doing for this, then I'd definitely watch it again.

Man, I must have missed out on college though because every episode has felt like it's been about people obsessing over getting their wicks wet. Then again, half of episode 2 was like looking into a mirror so that might be why, hah!
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Apparently, the gastric pain wasn't a one-off thing, but a warning.

During the 5k, on the way back I started sneezing like crazy. Now I'm sniffling. I might have given birth to a cold that I couldn't diagnose. So there's a chance this is a stomach bug. Yay.

On the bright side, I lose weight. Unfortunately, it means I'm not checking on work, which will annoy me. On the other hand, it also means it's not IBS meaning I'm not as stressed as I originally was concerned I would be (stressed about stress! What a strange world we live in), but I also have Monday off to attend this second Communion, so blah.

June is when Michelle has a reunion and her shoulder is getting worse from all this driving. She obligated herself to a lot of stuff and I'm concerned how it will affect her, but it could also be in the way she drives as she never had this issue before until recently, and she's been driving all over the place.

Pork broth from leftover drippings is way too strong but is enough of a help to make me feel less liable to punch my stomach for being a big baby.

So what am I doing when I should be resting? Writing lengthy entries on a blog*? Watching TV until I fall asleep? Paying my pound of flesh to that damn raccoon on Animal Crossing who keeps expanding his store every time he keeps pushing upgrades on my house?

Nope, I'm making ringtones, because my old phone had a bunch I made that I loved. For example, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's "Peeno Noir" is way too addictive to not put on my phone.

I also am looking for bumpers for Workaholics, and there's this Balloons song Brad Neely did for "China, IL" that was so fun to listen to. I want to see if I can make it so it'll loop.

His latest project with the really unrepeatable name that features every actress that I like way more than I should also has some fun ones and may be mined if I get myself to relax.

Edit: This is getting too addicting. Now I'm looking for System 7 Mac sounds. I'm going too deep. ABORT-ABORT-ABO-

Oh no...

Okay, that really isn't me, but I have to give credence to how much I've been enjoying the 160 versions of Evan Colby's Cake poem.

I'm going to lie down, I got my sounds anyway, maybe I can fall asleep to some MST3K or something.

*Okay, maybe I'm devoting more time to this than I should in my condition.
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Thanks folks! Thanks to you, I've been finding more and more of an excuse to use my blog to actually... blog! It's been relieving having someone to write to as well as read, and I honestly haven't felt this liberated to write my mind away like this in awhile.

I'm hoping to at least keep this consistency just so I can start looking away from Facebook, and it has been showing some effect, albeit some moments are less convincing than others. Keeping updated in political and scientific knowledge does that.

But that's not really why I'm here. I mean, I can see it is for some of you folks here and I'm not against it; if anything, I feel like this is more of a test for myself to see if I can keep myself from it. Or, to bring back a lovable chestnut, I don't want my worlds to collide!

But yeah, on to real life stuff! )
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