Jun. 15th, 2017

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Have another comic from Bird and Moon's Our Wild City.

Never tangled with a cottonmouth, but I have with timber rattlers. I almost stepped on one and only realized it after the fact. That was the only time I seen one even try thinking of attacking me since I was stuck in the rain and was seeking cover a few feet away under a table umbrella.

Don't Even Try to Tread on Me
Did lead to this neat photo, though!
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Getting close to getting issues sent, so I might spike with business for a week. Otherwise, all seems calm. For now?

I'm at work just waiting for Michelle to finish up then it's a trip to a theater and it's Rifftrax Live! Also dinner. No idea what we're doing for that.

Listening to Hasan Minhaj on The Sporkful talks about how he hates soggy cereal, the philosophy of "Honey Bunches of Oats," and helped confirm to me why biryani is such a mixed concept; apparently, he noted that every South Asian mother has their own special way of personalizing it to perfection. Clearly my problem is that I am not a mother!

Hah! No, seriously, it does explain why the versions are so diverse. I think I need to understand how to create a decent masala first. Once I find the mix that works for me, I think everything else will fall in line. Maybe I could even figure out how to make a knockoff chicken tikka eventually (which would be nice since I think a good portion of it I could crockpot). My palate is too set I think, so maybe if I try mingling it with more spices I am familiar with?

I have to admit, if I can eventually perfect this, then I will abuse this technology into terrible fusion experiments. Tikka masala dumplings? Sure! Curried ranch? Why not? Casseroles of biryani and cheese will dominate my kitchen!

...okay, so maybe I won't Galadriel with the One Ring this concept, but I do like to experiment with recipes I am familiar with and I'd like to expand my knowledge. Though to also be fair, I still haven't perfected thai curry, either (in that I can make it tasty, it just always comes out looking brown: red curry, green curry, yellow; BROWN).

I'll have more to talk about tomorrow, promise. Well maybe on Saturday since I'm going to be back home late tonight. I'll need to figure out what to make for lunch tomorrow and I'm thinking banh mi with jalapeno rolls if we're going into the city. The leftover pizza was not enough for me for some damn reason and it's driving me crazy.

I checked the garden and everything looks fine. I noted some growth. I also read this one article by on Top 17 problems all bean growers must face and it looks like a lot of my problems had to do with the soil just not being warm enough. Still, watered the beans. The disturbed earth still looks fine and I noticed the stakes that represent fence boundaries are gone. Plus, I got to pet a neighbor's golden retriever, which is always awesome!

Okay, might as well log off and get ready to go.

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