Jun. 14th, 2017

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Oh hai, Dreamwidth!

I suppose I'm Wiseau'ing it up because Rifftrax is tomorrow and it's my favorite subject they're going for: shorts! While the whole MST3K process can be a bit of a trial to push through for bad films, shorts are the most deep-fried, sugar-frosted, cheese-injected junk food for the ears that I think anyone can enjoy about Rifftrax. Short attention span? No problem! Not really getting the original subject? It's only ten minutes anyway! Most of these shorts are either extended ploys to sell stuff or are mental hygiene films, so the only thing they're mocking is old school capitalism or those boring videos you were forced to watch in class in elementary that are now way too outdated anyway.

Want to watch it? A fair number of movie theaters will have it playing live tomorrow! Ahh, the joys of nerding out to bad mental hygiene films awaits.

No real cooking as Wednesdays usually means frozen food and Michelle wanted some pizza. We have now tried almost every major brand available here and we could probably make a site about reviewing them, we've tried so many. This, by the way, is a terrible idea and I wouldn't recommend it (although I'm sure someone more dedicated to the idea could profit). On that note, Dr. Oetker is surprisingly good.

Work was surprisingly calm, which was good since one of my other accounts had a lot of backlog. Learned a few more processes along the way.

On Fiancees, Fungicide, and Fresh reminders? )

Not much more to say, I'm probably going to catch up on Tower of God or play Crypt of the Necrodancer and then coma sleep in bed tonight.

Saw lots of good news for most of you today, so hope it's the same deal for the rest of you (except for that screwy ex-coworker one of you is dealing with that is utterly lame and petty).
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I'm also going to throw this in as an old New Yorker who has a big thing against tone-deaf "big politicians":

If you need a good reminder of how awesome New Yorkers are, feel free to look at the responses to a tweet by Andrew Cuomo about autonomous vehicles. As much as I hate the subway, my hatred stems mostly from its issues, and I'm glad to see so many willing to take Cuomo to task for it because I really do want infrastructure and healthcare to be the terrors we can all win a war on.

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