May. 29th, 2017

zesty_pinto: (Abe Lincoln)
Yesterday, or What the hell was I doing?

Books, Boston, and me being a cranky baby. )

Since I want to keep this momentum going, I'll post two shots I took the other day. I'm not used to uploading every day like this, especially since I invested in a pair of SDXCs, but I need to get some routine back.

1. I forgot, but there was a bird digging through one of my hanging planters stealing coconut liner to likely make a nest. I scrambled for my camera as quickly as I could and ended up taking lousy shots with the manual macro lens. Like all old lenses, the thing suffers from a fair share of issues when used improperly, but I also knew I didn't have enough time to switch so went with it.

As far as I know, this may be the jerk responsible for trampling some of my sprouts last year. So fie on you, you little nesting thief! Fie on you!

When I got the camera adjusted better, he realized what I was doing before flying off.

2. This is a much more appropriate shot that I feel willing to admit I took: the bridge between Wellington station and the garage I always liked for its symmetry I'm glad I was able to get the reflections of the girders holding it this time. Plus, I used the Minolta 35/2 and didn't need to fast adjust everything to compose it properly.

Okay, off to sell my soul to that damn raccoon in Animal Crossing. Happy Memorial Day and may your foods have proper grill lines in them today.

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