May. 26th, 2017

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It's the coming weekend! By myself. Huh.

I stayed up late watching more Mike Tyson Mysteries. Mmmm, rice noodles. I ate myself fat and went to bed feeling sick from my own gluttony. To assuage my laziness, I also made a stir fry with eggplant, chopped beef, and silk tofu, all old ingredients, so should be good by the time Michelle comes back, she always loves these mixes. Also did the dishes, and probably should do the laundry once I get the chance. Also guzzled lots of raw honey and tea just to see if the allergies will finally stop now.

Today is quiet. So quiet in fact that I am wasting time in the office. I have been trying to figure out the art of peeling oranges into an art form and have much to learn.

Like I said, it's a quiet day.

I haven't heard from Michelle all day. It's raining and it's been raining for two days I might need to replant new beans at the rate it's been going. Sigh.

I gave in and am allowing the bean plants at home to grow out. One of them has coiled onto the drawstring. Another I am putting against a string I tied to the window lock. Let's see how far this will take me (at the rate things are going, though, I'm probably going to need to self pollinate these plants myself. I think I can get away with it by using a damp q-tip, yes?

The tomatoes are sprouting, so I'll look forward to seeing them get bigger.

I'll see if I can get some laundry done as well, maybe walk down and drop off the rent check. I'm so looking forward to leaving work early, even if there's nothing for me to really do. Shame it's cloudy, it would make sense for me to try and take long exposure shots. Maybe I should try anyway? We'll see.

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