May. 20th, 2017

zesty_pinto: (Driving cats insane)
So some odds and ends:

I looked through the photos I cleaned through and decided to post some actual things we've seen.

This is one of yet another group of landscape photos that I was getting bored of. I dunno, I really need to challenge myself more, bring the equipment at more places and be more liable to look for things.

This was the pizza quiche, which I loved because:
1. It's the first time I ever made a quiche in a springform pan, which confirms that it is an AWESOME way to make quiche in the future because for a lazy attempt by a guy like me? It actually doesn't look as bad as it normally does. Imagine if I actually cared and topped it with arugula or little slices of tomatoes!
2. It's the leftover pizza quiche that I mentioned a week ago.
3. I finally finished the damn thing yesterday. It was too rich. It. Just. Wouldn't. Go. Away...!

Been listening to the latest Cracked podcast, which is this time another episode about the Simpsons and the writing room.

What I've been finding interesting about it is that it's maybe 20% about the Simpsons. The comments are more about everything from politics to "Parks and Rec" to the PSX game "Gex."

One particular that I thought made me worth mentioning this was how they talked about writing drama and comedy. I wish I remembered who they quoted (these types of episodes get way too dense for me to ascertain everything through one listen through), but they mentioned how writing drama was about building something carefully and removing everything there to make sure it follows your plans. Comedy is like building around a tree and making sure both stay intact.

I probably mangled the quote, but that was the gyst I got out of it and it reminded me why I enjoy writing comedy so much more since I feel like it's an organic process. Other fiction is fun too, but I always feel like I fixate on the details to the point where it loses its impact and I jade myself out of the excitement. Does anyone else ever feel this way? I honestly stopped writing fiction for awhile because of this, and people have even noted that my prose tends to read very stiffly as a result when I remark on the grim instead of the rude.

Anyway, just wanted to posit that out and I'll finally hit the sack. Just looking forward to not being a druggie for another five to six months (maybe more if I don't get any fall allergies, whew).

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