May. 19th, 2017

zesty_pinto: (Jamie Impersonation)
Since I follow some rather savvy folks and I have 10 minutes before I can leave the office for the week, I'm going to post a few interesting bits I just read that I think are worth mentioning here (in other news, I'm sure Michelle has 20 notifications from me from all the stuff I posted):

The end of the personal essay? Although the author seems to wonder when the boom came, I think, being here, it is easy to see where these authors originated from. It may be these stories that I remember reading and sharing on LJ that helped lead these people down the path to becoming journalists and writers for bigger and greater things. Personally, though, it was never about monetizing for me. I guess partially because I didn't want to do it for that, but the experience itself. Consider it a form of exhibition, perhaps? Although, in all honesty, I liked the intimacy of sharing things that I couldn't normally around normal people. It's cathartic, like a good place to vent and not be judged too much (though to be fair, I'm sure you could, but at least you wouldn't be doing it in my face).

Another, for my gardening idols, is on how CRISPR is being used to build the better tomato. Michelle has been trained in the process, so I love sharing these things associated with her art. It does make me wonder as well if Monsanto may invest in a research department devoted to using Cas9 to create future strains since this might be the easier way to go for them. I don't know if they do already though, and hell, as far as I know they probably have spliced some of their breeds using zinc fingers.

I should say more, but it's getting close to leaving time. I'll definitely speak further, unless tonight is busy, but god help me if it is because I've had enough for today.

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