May. 18th, 2017

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Spam calls are a lot more bearable now that everytime I hear them, I hear the Workaholics "Superman" bumper. I'm having wayyy too much fun setting these ringtones and notifications.

"You Must Remember This" marathon on Dead Blondes. I find that the more I listen to this podcast, the more I'm glad how it reminds me that actors and actresses, no matter how praised they are, have their fallacies that remind you how human they are (people just tend to forget them since nostalgia pans out the good stuff and washes away the sins made to get there). Having said that, it also helped me realize what a douche John Wayne was and how alternative and conventional beauty standards were emphasized in the most inappropriate way.

I went out the other day and weeded out dandelions, cleared the garden outside fence, and then started making a new trellis so that the beans would grow upwards (nothing too fancy, just hitched the strings up, used taut line lashings so I can control the slack so that the beans can grow up with the line). Once they pass the foot mark, I'll start adding another line, maybe start twining these bad boys. The translated onions aren't at their happiest in this new location, I think they prefer not to be in such a sunny location. I explored the surrounding area, found even more rusted out tomato cages (I will never have need for a tomato cage at this rate), some more forgotten tools, and a blue tarp covered in three dead body's worth of dirt (I say this because that's what it felt like I was dragging while I was pulling it out). Off to the trash it went.

The Nintendo Switch came... at 1pm while I wasn't home, so I need to wait again. Ironically, Michelle's other gift, the shoes came in. She loved them. She still doesn't know that I'm obsessing over something for her, but she's being patient with me. I'll see if I can pick it up from their service center instead. The way I've been behaving over this thing, I'm probably more excited to bring it home than she probably will be.

The two day heat wave has encouraged me to install the old window fan, and now I can sleep to the sound of loud white noise. Michelle's not taking too well to it, unfortunately. She said she'll get used to it again, but I still feel bad that I'm the only one that needs the noise to quiet my head.

I'll probably assemble a fan and install the other window fans once we get home. There's one we kept that is all gummed up and only one fan works now and I don't know how to break down the device to clean it out. I might give it a shot since it's going to get trashed otherwise, so we'll see.

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