May. 12th, 2017

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Apparently, the gastric pain wasn't a one-off thing, but a warning.

During the 5k, on the way back I started sneezing like crazy. Now I'm sniffling. I might have given birth to a cold that I couldn't diagnose. So there's a chance this is a stomach bug. Yay.

On the bright side, I lose weight. Unfortunately, it means I'm not checking on work, which will annoy me. On the other hand, it also means it's not IBS meaning I'm not as stressed as I originally was concerned I would be (stressed about stress! What a strange world we live in), but I also have Monday off to attend this second Communion, so blah.

June is when Michelle has a reunion and her shoulder is getting worse from all this driving. She obligated herself to a lot of stuff and I'm concerned how it will affect her, but it could also be in the way she drives as she never had this issue before until recently, and she's been driving all over the place.

Pork broth from leftover drippings is way too strong but is enough of a help to make me feel less liable to punch my stomach for being a big baby.

So what am I doing when I should be resting? Writing lengthy entries on a blog*? Watching TV until I fall asleep? Paying my pound of flesh to that damn raccoon on Animal Crossing who keeps expanding his store every time he keeps pushing upgrades on my house?

Nope, I'm making ringtones, because my old phone had a bunch I made that I loved. For example, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's "Peeno Noir" is way too addictive to not put on my phone.

I also am looking for bumpers for Workaholics, and there's this Balloons song Brad Neely did for "China, IL" that was so fun to listen to. I want to see if I can make it so it'll loop.

His latest project with the really unrepeatable name that features every actress that I like way more than I should also has some fun ones and may be mined if I get myself to relax.

Edit: This is getting too addicting. Now I'm looking for System 7 Mac sounds. I'm going too deep. ABORT-ABORT-ABO-

Oh no...

Okay, that really isn't me, but I have to give credence to how much I've been enjoying the 160 versions of Evan Colby's Cake poem.

I'm going to lie down, I got my sounds anyway, maybe I can fall asleep to some MST3K or something.

*Okay, maybe I'm devoting more time to this than I should in my condition.

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