May. 8th, 2017

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Latest listen of interest:
Just got into "Nancy," a WNYC podcast that received a referral via "2 Dope Queens." That the hosts are Asian and gay made me identify some of the interesting aspects I could compare and contrast with my straight life attitude with my own parents.

One of their latest episodes is on the aspect of homosexuality in the Harry Potter world and how it is a cop out for the LGBT community since it is always stated in words, but rarely reflected. I have to admit, it was an interesting listen and a bit of a corroboration of my own suspicions with Ms. Rowling, as I am aware she has made gaffes before in misreading particular hot issues.

In terms of production values, WNYC, Gimlet, and Weyland Productions always come off as top notch. I'd throw in Serial as well if they had more than S-Town going for them. Earwolf is pretty close up there. I also find it kind of funny how My Favorite Murder is pretty much the leading podcast that is piggybacking the entire Feral audio network since I swear 80% of their ads seem to be "You like MFM? Please listen to us!" Not to say it's bad too, as I am starting to get into Dumb People Town and finding it rather amusing-- at least, when they aren't talking about business, but that seems to be the norm of that network. I'm starting to think it's a chronic issue with a lot of podcasts that otherwise provide awesome content.

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