May. 5th, 2017

zesty_pinto: (Bonklers)
I'm abnormally more liable to crack jokes today. That's a bad sign. It means I'm more tired than I normally am since I get a lot more glib when my inhibitions are down. Also, hi new people. HIIIIII!

I mean, I *guess* it's a good thing since I think I get witty as hell when I'm like this, but it also might be personal "drunken" judgment.
Edit: I just read the update and it includes an upgrade on icon size, so gifs like these can be improved. Shamefully, most of this is based on content that existed on long dead computers, so blah.

On second thought, this post is remarkably somber, so maybe I'm not as tired as I suspected!

34 degrees yesterday; checked on the plants and most of them withered hard. WELP back to growing some more seeds! Need to remind myself to replace squash and tomatoes and some Orient wonder. On the bright side, Orient Wonder grew remarkably easily but I'm going to need some planters. The last few I had committed suicide one way or another (two were punctured, two fell to their death from a moved shelf). Maybe I'm being too ambitious with these warmer weather plants and I should do something else like an early spring crop. Which reminds me, I need to find out what happened to the ramps I planted in the woods.

Once it gets warmer, I'd like to spend some time in the garden, do some macro. Last year, I saw a locust hanging out on a stalk and all I wanted to do is take a photo of it. I mean, the other issue with that is that it also means there's going to be mosquitoes because they apparently pollinate the flowers too and use me as the viagra to their orgies, so yeah, keep their Zika STDs away from me, plz.

We worked late last night. Michelle's got 7 hours OT. I spent last night making salsa mac and cheese and a proper sauce for pulled pork. I'm ready to slam my forehead into this luxurious gel cushion supporting my keyboard-clacking fingers and croon snorting fits of asthmatic apnea, but it's been busy all day.

Okay, enough procrastinating, back to work.

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