May. 3rd, 2017


May. 3rd, 2017 01:39 pm
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I've been having problems sleeping. I feel like my body can handle sleep only in four hour packets these days.

This weekend was a long trip. We visited some friends in Hull for their son's fourth birthday (aka, an excuse that was made to have everyone visit). We came late, but they seemed understanding and even wanted us to stay. The sky was clear and summery along the coast, but we had obligations to attend a communion ceremony, so we declined. We regaled stories as I watched their four year old run around in a Bumblebee cape. I got him a transforming RC car and now that I saw that, I think I should have gotten that talking Transformers mask with matching blaster arm. I shouldn't be kicking myself over that, but I know it would be the best combo.

NJ was me bitching because I thought it was just going to be use staying over for lunch. I had gardening to do, extensively, so staying in NJ when we had so much to do annoyed me. Michelle assuaged me despite how I realized what a petulant child I was being, and we ended up deciding to leave the same night before her brother invited us to game. Also, the lunch for this communion ceremony was more or less a halfway quincianera(sp), or a junior bat mitzvah. I was dressed for work and felt underdressed. They even bought a whole pig to feast for this thing.

The evening involved us doing a board game that went from trivia to remembering terms to charades, and I watched as two sides that included people who kept losing this game rush for victory. It was funny to me because neither me nor Michelle knew how well we'd do, but we each did great in specific parts. I did well with trivia, while she was good at the charades. My team kept losing despite that, and the agony of defeat was amusing when it was portrayed through our host agonizing how he has yet to win.

I also pet their shy/crazy cat, who can parkour off a wall if you cajole her enough with a laser pointer.

Monday was a a wakeup at 5 in the morning and a commute against the giant highway network that is New Jersey, trying to evade most of the rush hour (we got some of it), and then getting home by noon. Michelle did laundry, and I weeded out half of the plot before designing a string trellis for the green beans, then planted some squash sprouts and tomato sprouts. I'll check on it tomorrow so I can get a better idea of how the growth is looking, but so far it looks like they're all right. We've got a lot of rain these past few days, so I am a bit concerned we might get some fungus (the house seems to have a fungus issue). This weekend I need to weed the other half of the plots so I can see about planting another batch of beans, see if that really goes anywhere. We passed out at 8pm and woke up at 6 because we both suffered from severe sleep dep and exhaustion. Thank god we requested the day off.

Tuesday was catch up. I'm learning a new account and I feel intimidated (mainly because everyone keeps emphasizing that this is a difficult client), but I'll try to roll with it.

Today I'm going to prep some pulled pork, thinking Carolina style again since a McDonald's we visited along the way gave us a huge mess of barbecue sauce. Nothing that can't be perked up with some cayenne, sriracha, and honey, maybe cumin and cracked white pepper too.

Ordered some new window fans and need to install those once the weather warms up tomorrow.

Need to look into hooks too for the pots and pans. Already got some plans for lid storage that is going to involve some ugly DIYing with a dremel and potentially some duct tape.

In time, I also need to work on the car.

Beans are sprouting and I've got two squash that look like they're growing good by the windowsill.

Mint is still refusing to grow properly.

I peeled some of my left index finger while pulling weeds because of course I would.

I still make too much food, and that's why I don't need to do too much work, at least. Man, I'd love to keep fish again just so I could use the excretions for liquid fertilizer.

More to come in time.

Current podcast lineup:
Branching from "We Hate Movies" into "Blame it on Outer Space," which is pretty much WHM about conspiracies. I approve.
Once and Future Nerd
2 Dope Queens (I know they're awesome but I feel like the guest spots are adding filler to top-notch comedy)
Surprisingly Awesome


May. 3rd, 2017 01:47 pm
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Updated profile. Slightly. Still so old.

Props if you're visiting this profile because of Anachronox, I have no idea if anyone even remembers that one!

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