Jul. 11th, 2017 04:52 pm
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Looked at camera equipment. Nowadays, ISO 51k can get you some pretty damn acceptable results. I can't afford any of this stuff, but knowing that is insane.

I don't see myself needing a replacement anytime soon either, as my gear is built to last (I still have a 8 year old K20D that has thousands on its shutter box and still going strong), but it did make me think.

Actually, the K5 is being less and less cooperative, but I always felt like my version has issues. In all honesty, I live with the NEX-7 anyway and that camera has been holding up really well.

Still, acceptable images at ISO 51K is five steps better than the best sensor tech I have in my current models. It's now so good that I can probably take mood-lit photos in a smoky bar without using a flash and I might be able to get away with it while using a crappy kit lens. The difference is worlds apart.

If we ever get the money to do these kind of disposable luxuries like me getting gear again, I imagine my next camera will be fifty times superior to anything I haul in my bag. Just knowing that amazes me.

Welp, back to paying the credit card then.
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