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Judging my feed, I think it's official to say that Photobucket is dead now because there's no way their new business model is going to be viable. I can see why they're taking this drastic measure, but their alternative might as well be the Trumpcare of changes.

Sorry, I try to push politics out of this, but had to make that metaphor.


These past two days have been rather uneventful. Perhaps for the better?

Michelle's got her period last night, so I'll need to think up some beef dishes, but I thawed out chicken because I was planning on cooking something yesterday but we were here until 7:30 because Michelle's accounts basically dumped everything on her and then I had a discussion with someone that ran it into overtime. We needed a quick meal, and the supermarket had a sale on pizza rolls! Welcome back, college days!

Michelle didn't like them in the end, but I found them to be the perfect kind of junk food I needed. Maybe tonight I'll do a chicken macaroni casserole? Then tomorrow I'll see if we have any burger meat left and i'll work on that. Not a big fan of the mac and cheese since it makes terrible leftovers (unless you want lunch to include falling asleep on your desk), but I do have a lot of pasta left. Maybe I'll do mac salad and make chicken fried rice then? Could potentially do an alfredo too...

We ended up watching "Teachers," which is like the Bridesmaids to the line of rude edgy comedy shows out there like "The League" or "It's Always Sunny (yes, I'm aware that one of the main cast is a woman)" While I think the performances can be hit or miss, there's something hilarious about a show where you have kids saying utterly rude things to adults. Allison Brie is one of the executive producers for the show and honestly, I can see it as something she would fit in perfectly with as well.

The oddest thing about it though is that I know too many actual teachers and most of them feel offended by the show. I mean, I get it; it's not actually what teaching is like, but the joke is that they're all idiots. I find it odd how some people can take these things so personally. It almost makes me wonder if professors get offended at "China, IL" because it suggests that academia is full of rapping drunks who barely care about their students as much as their paychecks.

For the picnic, I ordered a 36" hexagonal soft box. No worries, I could find uses for it.

One of the people who offered her lamp finally brought it. It's one of those octopus-style standing lamps with cheap plastic hoods. The screw thread is smaller (I'm thinking E12) so I'll need to look into appropriate bulbs. I was tempted to get some 12 watt LEDs (which would allow a concentration of 100W equivalence per bulb allowing for a really bright hot light), but at this size they burn HOT and will be inside a confined space, so I'm electing instead to use something with less power. I think with five extensions, I can concentrate enough light to make it fairly powerful while simultaneously not threatening to burn down the softbox, although a four pack should be enough.

Removing the cheap plastic cups was easy. Surprisingly easy, in fact; so much that I didn't need to destroy anything in the process. I don't think I'm going to need to do much to break down the lamp and it looks really straight forward. I'd like to see about making a metal frame to make sure the bulbs don't touch the side of the box too, but I think if I have a dead bulb there, then it's going to be fine since I can use it as a brace (which seems likely since bulbs tend to come in a four pack).

I'm going to see if I can either remove the weighted base or separate the pole so I can add another pole to it. It might not be necessary, though.

I also spent the weekend swapping out the phone cord box with a wall installation. It was surprisingly easy, even easier when you have a DeWalt to do things like set the anchors. Also added some wire staples to make sure they don't drag on the bottom and get tangled by the Roomba. At this rate, I might be able to learn how to pet-proof the house.

We saw a treadmill at the Re:Home and were really tempted to get it, but the vacation tapped out our reserves, so we vowed to get it come next paycheck. It's not expensive (100 dollars!) but it's heavy as hell and difficult to move and would be going into a house that we might have to get rid of furniture just to make it fit properly. If we don't get it, it won't be the end of the world, but when the weather gets cold again, it'll be a nice alternative to walking outside.

-is growing! Like, really growing! Installed a new line from the tomato cages. Checked for pests. I found colonies of spring peepers coming by, so I have some natural pest control. Yay, spring peepers! Installed a squash plant where a bean plant didn't do so well. I have another creeping squash that I will probably install today. Just some mild weeding and testing out the repellent; it works well enough for me to see a mosquito try to get at my arms time and time again only to fail each time as I mock its pitiful attempts to have my sex blood.

The window sill's bean vines are starting to show flowers as well, by the way. I'll start artificial pollination if it comes to it, although I don't think there's enough soil in the sill to make it bear any real crops.

After I cleaned the memory slots, I haven't had a BSOD recently. I'm hoping it keeps this up because I don't want to buy new memory yet. We shall see! Sigh.

I still have yet to install the free antivirus I was offered for 2 years with the Windows license. I need to put time aside for that.

Back to work!
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