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Hey folks!

Typing this from Boston. I am covered in sunburns and lounging in air conditioning. Our two day camping trip was reduced to one, and I have to say that 24 hours on an island makes you really appreciate all the little things of modern life. You would not believe how amazing artificial grape from a refrigerator can taste after all that heat and dragging 70 pounds of gear.

Our hotel has a view of the Charles river where a tree blocks the river itself but not enough to block where the fireworks will go. We ate hot food from an app! My god, I feel so backwards living in the country sometimes when I remember how connected I used to be as a city kid. Still miss Boston (except for driving. Screw all this Masshole auto stress).

We'll be home tomorrow and I'll have some shots and a little more to talk about then. Hope everyone's enjoying their day off.
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