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Another rough day. Group leader checked on me because I was making mistakes like crazy from going into full on panic mode and pushing work into someone who's not even responsible for this account anymore. I think I passed the storm, I just need to make sure that I can get as much of the crazier crap resolved before I can leave for vacation.

I'm exhausted again but at least most of the things to do home are done. Camping supplies are good. We hit Sierra Trading Post (yes, we're that one state that has a physical store of theirs for some reason) and we saw a whole bunch of camping gear for soooo cheap. One of the bigger surprises was finding one of those sleeping bag body suits, which I know Michelle wanted for awhile. She decided to pack both her regular bag and that one for this trip.

Some freeze dried breakfast goods, some mess kits (mostly I wanted one so I could bake with it; believe it or not, I've been using a mess kit pot to bake instant muffins before and would like to do it again). I wanted to find some lemon eucalyptus spray and it's impossible to get short of buying online, so I ended up making bug spray!

-Two ounces of witch hazel
-ten drops of tea tree oil (because I had it lying around)
-two teaspoons of vanilla extract
-fifteen drops of citronella oil (to tone down the smell of the-)
-thirty-five drops of lemon eucalyptus oil

The smell is reminiscent of bug spray, but not a really strong lemon eucalyptus smell. Got it in an atomizer, so I'll see if this will do the trick. They recommended coconut oil if it's going to be waterproofed, but that stuff solidifies easy, so I'll pass.

Anyway, we could use some baking mix for breakfast or dessert. One thing I learned from Mini Bull Design is that those "just add water" muffin mixes are amazing if you want something warm and substantial during overnights.

I think we will need to get more water to carry, but at the least, we'll have enough for the night. I told her if we need more, the ferry can take us to where our car is which will be around a mall that includes a supermarket, so I can grab a two gallon there or something if it comes down to it.

My gear bag is also optimized for the trip; mostly short lenses, a macro, one prime, the NEX-7 and a Pentax K-5 with a cardboard tube telephoto zoom. I really want to see if I can do some proper long exposure while there. My carry weight will probably be somewhere between 50 to 60 pounds, so it'll be interesting seeing if I can handle it all.

Tired, just glad most of our vacation prepwork is done. Didn't even do much else beyond register my Windows 10 license.
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