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Is lagging. I didn't get enough sleep. Apparently, I missed a few steps on some processes either which annoys the hell out of me since it means I've been slacking hard.

Once and Future Nerd; two episodes behind! Lagging behind something never felt so good. "A Cruel and Sullied World" was mostly about resolving some revelations, and "What Used to Be Enough" is a chapter that continues off trying to progress what goes on. No spoilers, but I got to say they are delivering as an audio drama while doing what good fantasy does by pushing the analogies and expectations of demihumans and how it applies to our world (and the irony of it that people from our world are in a land where demihumans exist to begin with). It's not "The Witcher" by any means in depth, but the acting and production are good enough.

I'm trying to get into Science Jerks, which is a comedy podcast from two comedians who are into reading science. Not as good as you'd hope, it has that relaxed pace you'd expect out of Doughboys so it comes off like listening to an unfiltered feed to the writer's room for The Daily Show.

The Subway Derailment
A few posts back, I remarked on NYC's subway issues and it looks like it's peaking as a train was derailed. My brother told me he takes that route on the way to work and some of his coworkers were only a train or two away from that incident. I checked Twitter and people are remarking on it to Cuomo... as he remarks on healthcare instead. Sigh.

How I got little to nothing done
After work, Michelle had a haircut appointment so we left early and made it! We made it in time for her hair stylist to not be in. She came in late and mentioned how she was running late already, so we had the offer to wait. Daaah, okay, we can wait.

Simpsons Tapped Out is acting up... aaaaand now it's telling me I need to contact tech support. Welp, it was nice playing the game while I had it.

Fallout Shelter and... done.

Oh, she's ready for Michelle! Better check if I can order Capture One on the phone. All right, made an account aaaaand- no. No, the interface doesn't work. God damn i-

Fallout Shelter again and... done.

Man, it's so empty in here.

They cut her hair super short. Like to a bob. It's a bit off-putting since I keep wanting to tell her it reminds me of Velma from Scooby Doo. She didn't think they were going to take off this much too. Worse, they changed the pricing structure, so the rates are all weird. I'm tempted to switch to a different salon since their work on my hair wasn't so good either (it's poofing out poorly right now because Asian hair does that). All that and we had to pay for parking because of the delay (normally two hours are waived). But at least now it's time for dinn-

Yeah, who am I kidding. We needed gas. Dinner options were considered and finally we came to one conclusion: this little diner where the prices are reasonable and they sell all these local goods there (it also has this moody lighting and wooden paneling that makes me think we're bit players to a Fox series drama). So we can make it there almost thirty minutes before closing, so we're on it!

...and we end up fifteen before instead. So Michelle missed the quick turn to get there. Then the detour ended up taking us through road work. Three paths of road work. Ever have those incidents where you are stuck in two lane roads while a man in an orange vest and a bored expression emphasizes his two-sided SLOW/STOP sign? Imagine driving past three of those in a row. Three bored construction workers for each side. Don't know what they were working on, but it's definitely extensive.

So we end up being the last ones there, gorge ourselves into blessed fatness, and then head home. I was going to do something about the spline, but that'll have to wait. The seal is still good for the bug screen, but I'm still hoping to get a new latch set up.

-has Capture One installed. It's so neat, but I have very little knowledge on it so this is a learning experience.

Plus it crashed my computer. I think I might need to upgrade more than the boot drive. Sigh.

Anyway, going to see about getting those things done, so we're leaving a little earlier. Going to see about hopefully getting some sleep and maybe some ranch pasta salad made.
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