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No photos. I was tired. Just leaving at 6 seemed decent enough. From what I can tell, the onion flowers are starting to finish their pollination and are likely ready to seed. Despite how neat it is, it doesn't look that nice. I did bring my gear bag with me and took a photo of the foggy landscape as we drove to work, so will probably put that up later today.

As I type this, I am offering to volunteer my photography time for a big event for a scammer.

No, I'm not actually doing it; I got tired of non-paying clients and scammers who kept making fake quotes, so I'm going to bait the scammer into doing work for free. I'm going to probably poke them every so often on progress just to see if they ask for an estimate.

I should point out that I kept writing crap like "Oh, thank you for this opportunity to get at the ground floor! I hope this exposure will get me future work!" and they keep asking for an estimate. It's like typing a foreign language to these scammers and I have to admit that amuses the hell out of me.

Surprisingly Awesome did a follow up episode. Since I know people here love pigeons, I should point out that a decommissioned Navy ship is home to a pigeon light show in NYC. I never knew about this, but it seems like a lot changes when you move away from the city.

We Hate Movies is glorifying the theme of hamburgers and hot dogs by reviewing one film called Hot Dogs (about freestyle skiiers) and Hamburgers (which is about hamburgers because the 80's was all about how awesome fast food businesses were?). As you imagine, they are terrible sexploitation comedies because of course they are.

Probably not helping that I read two suicide reports that reminded me that people can be god awful which just emphasizes how these sort of films reflect a less self-conscious time when it was cool to be ignorant and awful.

Dungeon Meshi got licensed as "Delicious in Dungeon" and felt it worth buying as one of those few manga worth my time let alone supporting the artist.

You know those classic Dungeon RPG party storylines that video gamers and thus manga seem addicted to? Imagine if the party fought a boss, lost the fight, lost a valuable team member as a result, and need to rush back despite having no money or resources left. How do they get around it when they can't even afford to eat? They survive by learning to harvest and serve the monsters along the way down. Like most people's reception towards foraging in a city, it doesn't receive any applause, and it turns into this faux cookbook-like storyline as they try to get back to save their friend while learning about the ecology of dungeons and how to eat things that are normally fought for loot and glory. It's amusing enough, the artwork is decent and you can find it online easily enough if you're curious.

My computer at home is acting up. It could be because my boot drive's tiny size combjned with all these redirects and using,Windows 7 added up once and for all. I need to probably go to Newegg and get myself a Win10 license and a larger SSD to boot. In the meantime, this means everything will have to be done through my phone for the time being. Oh, why is life so hard? Pft.

I'm tempted to use a hybrid SSD instead, but not sure if it'll give me the same quality I'm expecting out of my boot needs. Still, it'll be a cheaper option until Black Friday kicks drive prices down so maybe.

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