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So I'm now part of a new team! Temporarily, as the team will have a new lead in time. My old team lead gave her best wishes as she headed off to the sunset, and I stayed until 6 because one of the hires who left made us realize she did sloppy work. Joy? I sent a weekly report with a photoshopped image in "welcome" to being part of his team for the time being. Hopefully he'll take it in good humor (but I think most people here do).

We had a meeting for a picnic planning and it looks like I'm definitely a photographer for the event and I'm also going to see about setting some lighting for this.

The Friday rains and its coming chill tampered the heat of 80 degree weather and replaced it with something that runs against the skin like mint on the tongue. Crisp and cool weather overall.

This weekend, Michelle's grandfather is going to have an operation and he's concerned about it, so Michelle's sister is having a party to show that we're all thinking of him. She knows we're worn out and won't be attending, so wants us to make a video to say hi. I told Michelle I may do it with a gas mask on as well as a speaker option (yes, I still have that US military gas mask in the icon because swag like that is awesome).

This Saturday promises warmer climates and fair 80 degree weather. I should start setting up some more lines in the back garden. The plants are growing and while the beans that held through the cold are growing, I can't help but wonder if enduring the cold has made them stunted.

I have no plans, and that 's how I want today to go.

Science VS on ghosts. Some studies remarked about how the feeling of haunting has to do with mold, which I found interesting. Also great to hear Katie Mack getting referenced as I am a big fanboy of her work and they tried to validate the concept of dimensional black holes. That it was being faced with some attempt to consider it with a straight face was amazing to me.

I've been trying to find this podcast episode on a hoaxer that claimed their daughter lived off nothing but water. I keep forgetting if it's Lore, Criminal, or one of the other supernatural-type podcasts I listen to. What interested me about it was how Breatharians are becoming in again. What a world we live in.

I remember constantly seeing ads for "Crashing" on HBO and I kept thinking, "Gee, that looks like it might be decent." Then a few months passed and then every so often the stray thought went to my head: "did I ever check out that show?" And then I'd get back to work.

Tonight everything in my head clicked together and I remembered that show and finally caught it. What to think of it? It's... interesting. I did research about it and it seems to be (from what I can imagine to be) an aggrandized version of Pete Holmes journey from a Bible Belt transplant wanting to become a comedian to the man he is today. It paints an image of him as this terrible comedian and its his inability to escape his white bread milquetoast persona that makes it hilarious, like he's an actual Kenneth the Page. I like how it's something like an odyssey of his as he lives from couch to couch with people whom he looks up to and realizes what comedy is really about. Sort of like watching a comedy equivalent of a Kerouac piece. I can see why HBO greenlit it for another season after four episodes.

All right, off I go! Here's hoping today's looking good for the rest of you.

Date: 2017-06-18 04:55 am (UTC)
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I saw a study that traced a feeling of haunting to a malfunctioning fan in another room. I don't know how that connection could be made scientifically, really. There should be too many other factors. I guess if you turn the fan off, and there's nothing, and then you turn it back on and everyone is freaked out, maybe that's pretty scientific... I'm skeptical of everything, including the scientists and debunkers! Sounds like an interesting podcast, thouhg!

Date: 2017-06-18 03:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] iwouldbegood
I hope all goes well with you on the new team :) Does it change your work tasks much or will it stay more or less the same?

I hope the operation went well!

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