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Oh hai, Dreamwidth!

I suppose I'm Wiseau'ing it up because Rifftrax is tomorrow and it's my favorite subject they're going for: shorts! While the whole MST3K process can be a bit of a trial to push through for bad films, shorts are the most deep-fried, sugar-frosted, cheese-injected junk food for the ears that I think anyone can enjoy about Rifftrax. Short attention span? No problem! Not really getting the original subject? It's only ten minutes anyway! Most of these shorts are either extended ploys to sell stuff or are mental hygiene films, so the only thing they're mocking is old school capitalism or those boring videos you were forced to watch in class in elementary that are now way too outdated anyway.

Want to watch it? A fair number of movie theaters will have it playing live tomorrow! Ahh, the joys of nerding out to bad mental hygiene films awaits.

No real cooking as Wednesdays usually means frozen food and Michelle wanted some pizza. We have now tried almost every major brand available here and we could probably make a site about reviewing them, we've tried so many. This, by the way, is a terrible idea and I wouldn't recommend it (although I'm sure someone more dedicated to the idea could profit). On that note, Dr. Oetker is surprisingly good.

Work was surprisingly calm, which was good since one of my other accounts had a lot of backlog. Learned a few more processes along the way.

So Michelle....
I mentioned it somewhere else, but Michelle officially got a promotion; we knew it a week earlier and now that it's official, people have been congratulating her and remarking, "About time!" Originally, she was supposed to be promoted to my level, where she will make more than me as she has a PhD, but there's a lot of changes going on, so this promotion is something of a "stop gap" for the meantime because the office is chaotic at the moment. People keep suggesting she has potential to become a group leader, which would be like three steps above me, and which I am totally okay with since we could always use the income.

Oh, and did I mention the weather is AMAZING now? Yesterday afternoon cooled down tremendously and we took a trip to visit her professor in relatively crisp weather without the traffic of a thousand commuting undergrads. Her prof is happy to hear about the things she's picking up on the processes working there and has given some more details on some more ideas to run with in the hopes to get funded. Michelle said that it's always been iffy with him since he always has ideas running, but at least now she doesn't have to feel stressed about it anymore and funding would mean she can come back on a part-time basis which also means more money. Apparently, her three years here has yielded a lot of papers' worth of data, but only one is set into a manuscript so far, so while things are the way they are, this "down time" is more or less focused more towards compiling than anything else.

He's also going on sabbatical next year anyway, so I think it's safe to say Michelle isn't leaving the company anytime soon, though I'll still keep throwing job openings that I see around here if I think they might have any skew towards her skillsets.

The beans haven't faltered outside... yet. So that's good, right? I didn't check today since I'm a bit worn out.

While we were in the city, we took a trip to a hardware store and looked for a specific type of fungicide that uses chlorothalonil. The stuff comes out like a white mucus, but sprayed the indoor beans with the stuff in the hopes that fixes this issue since copper is doing nothing. Tomorrow morning I'll water the garden in the back and maybe bring the fungicide as well, at least until the plants start flowering (I'm aware it's a danger to the guts of bees). I'm going to be hand pollinating everything else otherwise.

I may be a bit concerned since the weather cooldown may mean that the soil isn't going to let the plants grow like I want them to, but so far the signs seem more positive than not. I'll try installing a few more lines tomorrow.

So I wasn't the biggest fan of Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It was like it was busy trying to continue a series that they thought was finished and as a result it sometimes felt like it was going backwards for the sake of humor or trying to push a message that didn't really feel fleshed out. Rewatching it, I found more to appreciate, but I just couldn't fall into it like I did with Titus screaming "BATS!" or watching Kimmy frustrate a teenage girl that he is caretaking. Season 3 is just way more memorable by all accounts since they're actually trying to throw as many jokes as possible on you this time and it works really well. Plus, more Titus being the Mercutio to this whole party instead of this separate part of the group. Just remembering him act straight and hit on Jane Krakowski is worth the trip. We're still halfway, but I sincerely hope for more Fred Armisen, especially since I heard Portlandia is wrapping up.

I've been on a slowdown since I'm tired, but I did notice two things this morning.

The first is that I'm not a fan of how clear the leaves are seeming. I'd like to blame mold, but I've read nothing about this so it must be just me.

Although unintentional, something about seeing a salad leaf sealed into the sticker amuses me, like a reminder that this product is for salads only. Yes, container, I will heed your instruction.

Not much more to say, I'm probably going to catch up on Tower of God or play Crypt of the Necrodancer and then coma sleep in bed tonight.

Saw lots of good news for most of you today, so hope it's the same deal for the rest of you (except for that screwy ex-coworker one of you is dealing with that is utterly lame and petty).
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